Holy Eucharist, Rite II, Jan. 13, 2013

Title:Holy Eucharist, Rite II, Jan. 13, 2013

Bulletin Date: January 13, 2013 5:00 am

First Sunday after the Epiphany

Holy Eucharist, Rite II

Priest-in-Charge:  The Rev. Catherine D. Hicks

(BCP—Book of Common Prayer, H-Hymnal 1982;  S Numbers are the service music found in the front of The Hymnal 1982; WLP-Wonder, Love and Praise)

LEVAS-Lift Every Voice and Sing II)

As you enter this sacred space that has been set aside for time with God, join us in silence as we go to God in prayer.


Prelude                              I have decided to follow Jesus  St Peter’s Choir

The Ringing of the Bell      

Processional Hymn             Come thou fount of every blessing          H 686

The Word of God

Opening Acclamation                                                                 BCP 355

Hymn of Praise                  Glory to God                                         S 280

The Collect of the Day                                                                    Insert

First Reading                      Isaiah 43:1-7

Psalm                                Psalm 29                                          BCP 620

Epistle                               Acts 8:14-17

Sequence Hymn                  The sinless one to Jordan came               H 120

                                         (sung to the tune Old 100th)

The Gospel                        Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

The Sermon                                                  The Rev. Catherine D. Hicks

The Renewal of Baptismal of our Baptismal Vows                         BCP 292

The Prayers of the People, Form III                                             BCP 387

The Confession of Sin                                                                BCP 360

The Peace

Birthday and Anniversary Blessings                                 BCP 830 #51/431


The Offertory               I come, the great Redeemer cries   St Peter’s Choir

The Holy Communion

Eucharistic Prayer A                                                                  BCP 361

Sanctus                                                                                         S 129

The Lord’s Prayer                                                                      BCP 364

The Breaking of the Bread                                                           BCP 364

Fraction Anthem                                                                    LEVAS 270

The Communion of the People of God

Communion Hymn             Here O my Lord                                     H 318

Post-Communion Prayer                                                             BCP 365

The Blessing  

Closing Hymn                    God is Love                                          H 379

Dismissal and Postlude





Welcome to St Peter’s!  Our hope is that you will find God’s love present with you in this place and that you will return here often.

Our communion bread is gluten free. 


The loose offering today will go to Catherine’s discretionary fund to help people in need in this area. 


Happy Birthday Chris Fisher (Jan. 14th), Cookie Davis (Jan. 15th), Linda Beck (Jan. 17th).


Altar Guild members old and new!  Come to Fall Hall at noon this Wednesday for a simple lunch followed by a training by Catherine including updates on how to care for our altar.  The training will end in time for the 2 PM ECW meeting.


The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is from Jan 18-25. The theme is “What does God require of us?”  The Bible readings and prayers for the week are published on our website at churchsp.org.


Serving God and the church.  Please sign up on the bulletin insert and place it in the offering plate.  We will have trainings for each of these positions during February. 


A Region One project supporting Diocese of Virginia missionary Larry Duffee in South Sudan buying  tools for recent immigrants starting a new life.  See our website at churchsp.org for more information.  Next Sunday will be the kickoff.


Emergence Christianity – Christianity for Our Time?” – Adult Education continues next Sunday, 9:45am in the Parish House.  We will concentrate on Phyllis Tickle who championed the concept of the “Great Emergence.”


Our annual congregational meeting and Vestry elections will take place next Sunday.  Come hear the stories of all that we have accomplished as a parish during this past year and to receive updates on our life together as a parish.  Reports will be online at churchsp.org.


——————————-  Week  of  Jan. 13——————————–

·   Mon., Jan. 14th, 6:00pm – Evening ECW

·   Wed., Jan. 16th,  10:00am –  Midweek Bible Study

·   Wed., Jan. 16th, 2:00pm – ECW  meeting

·   Wed., Jan. 16th,  4:45pm – Children’s Program

·   Fri., Jan 18th – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity




St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

823 Water Street PO Box 399, Port Royal, VA  22535

Website:  www.churchsp.org Parish Office:  (804) 742-5908

The Vestry

Linda Beck, Senior Warden – (804) 742-5056

Cookie Davis, Junior Warden (804) 742-5654

Cookie Davis, Cynthia Fields, Terri Harrison, Eunice Key, Boyd Wisdom

Clarence Kunstmann, Treasurer & Terri Harrison, Registrar

Brad Volland – Music Director & Organist

The Rev. Catherine D. Hicks, Priest- in- Charge

(540) 809-7489, (540) 898-1586, stpetersrev@gmail.com

Christ Centered, Biblically Based, Spirit Filled, Caring

                                  Prayer List                                    

Bill Carpenter, Cindy Fields, Toni Fabisy, Brad Volland, Boyd Wisdom, Vivian McDonald, Susan Linne von Berg,  John and Sylvia Sellars, Shaun (requesting prayers for himself from our St Peter’s community)


Nancy Hartwick (friend of Brad Volland), Kelly Paterino (daughter of the Wisdoms), Helen and Harry Ferree (friends of Brad Volland), Annette McDonald (friend of Cookie Davis), Leilani Oldham (relative of Mike and Marilyn Newman), Marjorie Gilliland (mother of John Gilliland), Jon Dephouse (friend of Catherine Hicks), Steven Fox ( husband of our nursery worker, Judy Fox), David Watson (uncle of Ruth TenHoven), Bernie and Doyle (friends of Ruth TenHoven), Cathy Mercurio, Roland Richards, Ann Cooper  (friends of Brad Volland), Russell Smith, Daniel Smith (brothers of Susan Linne von Berg),  Jim Hedlund (friend of Nancy and Bill Wick), Leslie Hubble,  Ally Harrison (niece and cousin of Nancy Long),  Eudora Heath,  Harold Whitfield (extended family of Laura Carey),  Charles and Yvonne Johnson (friends of Laura Carey),  Albert Barnett (uncle of Andrea Pogue), Kay Bodeen ,  Kathi  Coles (sister-in-law and daughter  of Clarence and Betty Kunstmann), Carrie Griffith (mother of Marilyn Newman), Loretta Harich,  Carole Morehead (friends of Marilyn Newman), Butch and Carolyn Delhagen (sister of  Mike Newman and brother-in-law of the Newmans),  Jessica Machuga (granddaughter of Millie Muhly),  Dorine Righman (sister of BJ Anderson),  Alice Woodard (aunt of Catherine Hicks), Elizabeth Hicks (daughter of Ben and Catherine Hicks)



Serving in the Armed Forces


      Alexander Long V       Gordon Devine        Jeffrey Woodard

      David Locklerr             Daniel Vanpike           Joseph George

      Collin Stoddard            Jeremy Stoddard


Serving Next Sunday


Lector:  J. Collins   LEM: J. Davis    Acolyte: E. Key     Gospel Bearer: T. Carter    Greeters: S. Linne von Berg, C. Davis    Elements:  B & B. Wisdom

      First Sunday after the Epiphany

January 13, 2013





 “Baptism of Christ” – Giovanni Bellini  (1500-1502)


ST. Peter’s Episcopal Church



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