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Mike Newmans Block print of St. Peter's Christmas

 Block Print by Mike Newman


"Singing Mary's Song" 

10am in the Parish House during Advent.

Mary’s song proclaimed deliverance and hope to a dark and fearful world. It continues to bring challenge and hope to us today.

This Advent study led by Catherine will give you new insight into the life of Mary.  

Here is the author's introduction

10am on Sundays:

Week 1 - Singing Mary's Song   - Nov. 23

Read the notes  

Week 2 - In the Fullness of Time  - Nov. 30

Week 3 - Coming Out of Egypt -  Dec. 7

Week 4 - Preparing for Jesus Birth  - Dec. 14

Daily "Day by Day"

Follow the Star

Daily meditations in words and music.  

Saints of the Week, Nov. 23 - 30  

Clement, Bishop of Rome, c. 100
James Otis Sargent Huntington, Priest and Monk, 1935
[Isaac Watts, Hymnwriter, 1748]
Kamehameha and Emma, King and Queen of Hawaii, 1864, 1885
Saint Andrew the Apostle

Christ centered, Biblically based, spirit filled and a place of simple hospitality, we have shared our communal life with our church,our community, and those in need. Your presence enriches us. 

Nov. 30 - 9:00am, Morning Prayer - Advent 1

Nov. 30 -10:00am - Godly Play

Nov. 30 -10:00am - "Singing Mary's Song" , Parish House

Nov. 30 -11:00am, Holy Eucharist- Advent 1 

Sunday Readings and Servers   

Images from Sunday, Nov. 23 

See the Sunday Review



Advent 1


Advent in 2 minutes Check out this Youtube video

Explore Advent, Part 1- Over the next 4 Sundays there will be a presentation each week focusing on that week's scriptures, art and commentary and how they demonstrate the themes of advent. Let's get started with Advent 1. 

Advent is the time when we change to a different year in the Lectionary. This year we move from Year A to B and from a concentration on the Gospel of Matthew to Mark. Here is an introduction to the Gospel of Mark. There are several articles which are a general introduction to Mark 1. Shortest from christianity.about.com 2. Longer from the Catholic Bishops 3. Longest from a Catholic portal. Each of the readings is covered separately

Interested in the Church calendar ?  First Advent lends itself to understand how we measure time.

The Season of Advent is alive with colors, candles, wreaths and song. David Bratcher has written a wonderful article on Advent traditions.

There are several articles/presentations about the infancy narratives 1. Brief summary between Matthew and Luke  2. Longer comparison 3. Web comparison

Advent is a time when we take on different displines;. Here is Rev. Brad Jackson's 20 minutes of Advent a day

Advent is a time of  meditations.

There will be a number of these meditations added through the season. 

1. From Kentucky  Cresent Hill Baptist  which has meditations from Advent 1 through Christmas.  

2.  From Creighton University, a Jesuit college  - Praying Advent

3.  From Wales, Advent Themes and Resources.  This has a "pop-up" lectionary at the bottom. 

4.  Selections from The Journey, A Season of Reflections

5.  From the Episcopal Church Foundation's Vital Practices -

A. What Fresh Hell is This - The wait demanded of us in Advent is a more difficult one with no tangible outcome accessible to us. A reflection to think about Advent through Joseph’s eyes as he travels to Bethlehem with Mary.
B. Secrets of the Advent Artichok. Feeling pressure to have everything done already? “Secrets of the Advent artichoke” for a season in which we prepare and anticipate  
C. Taking Advent to the Streets. Some real Advent actions throughout the season 

6.  Barbara Crafton on spiritual discipline in Advent (Credo)

7.  Messiah: Joy is Foretold - Listen to musical selections while reading short reflections, this devotional book from St. John the Divine in Houston, Texas can be read and listened to online or downloaded to your computer. 

8. Reflection on Advent - Rowan Williams, the former archbishop of Canterbury shares an Advent Reflection.

Advent is a time of music. Here is a link to National Cathedral's Advent Lessons and Carols held on First Advent. 

A St. Peter's Advent and Christmas

Advent is a season of preparation for the coming of Jesus as one of us. Jesus brought God’s light into the world during his lifetime and we expect him to return to reign in glory at the end of time.  

1. “Singing Mary’s Song” - Sunday mornings 10am

Sun. Nov 23, Nov 30, Dec. 7, Dec 14

We will be using the book, Singing Mary’s Song to shape our Sunday morning study and discussion. Mary’s Song is known as the Magnificat, which we find in the first chapter of the gospel according to Luke and also in Canticle 15 in The Book of Common Prayer. Mary knew that her son would bring the kingdom of God near during his lifetime on earth, and in her song, she hopes for God’s justice, righteousness and peace to be realized in this world, here and now. We Christians keep this passage before us as a reminder of our own work in the world as we wait for Jesus to return in glory. So come learn more about Mary and how her hopes help us to hope for the world around us in this season of Advent.     

Read the notes from Week 1  

2. Coffee Hour and Moravian Candle Tea – Sun., Dec. 7, 12pm –

This year, our December Coffee Hour will be our own version of the Moravian Candle Tea. Moravians frequently hold what they call a Candle Tea near the beginning of Advent, where people gather to celebrate the coming of the Christmas Season with various activities. Come learn about Moravian Christmas customs at this Coffee Hour. The Episcopal Church is in full communion with the Moravian Church, and we have much to learn from our Moravian brothers and sisters. During this coffee hour, we’ll eat some traditional Moravian food and learn about some Moravian customs, including the Moravian Love Feast.   

3. Port Royal Christmas Lighting – Fri., Dec. 12, 5pm, Firehall – at the town Fire Hall. Enjoy a festive gathering of the Port Royal community for a simple soup supper, hot chocolate and cookies, fun and games by Caroline’s Promise, the arrival of Santa, and of course, the tree lighting. St Peter’s will be providing the soup. Let Barbara Wisdom know if you can help.

4. Choir Retreat – Sat Dec 13,10am – The choir will be gathering to rehearse Christmas music followed by lunch. Set aside some time to pray this morning for Brad Volland, our organist, and our dedicated choir. And if you’d like to join the choir, let Brad know.

5. Everett’s Christmas – Sun. Dec. 14, 5pm. Gather round the Everett’s table for a delicious pot luck dinner, over the top Christmas decorations, and Christmas caroling. All are welcome.

6. ECW Christmas Luncheon – Tues, Dec. 16.  Watch your bulletin for more information about this cheerful seasonal gathering hosted by the ECW. All are welcome.

7. Christmas Pageant on Advent 4 – Sun. Dec. 21,11am.  

8. Christmas Eve – Wed., Dec. 24, 4:30pm – Holy Eucharist Rite II with a Moravian Love Feast

Our traditional Christmas Eve service will also include a Moravian Love Feast this year, complete with glowing candles, Love Feast buns, and a traditional hot drink that we will share together as a foretaste of the heavenly banquet. The tradition of the Love Feast is based on the agape meals of the early church. 

9. Lessons and Carols – Sun. Dec 28th, 11am. This traditional Anglican service, developed in England, gives us the opportunity to hear the story of our salvation in Jesus Christ through scripture and song.  

St. Peter's Church 823 Water Street  P. O. Box 399 Port Royal, Virginia 22535  804-742-5908.  Reverend Catherine D. Hicks, Priest-in-Charge, stpetersrev@gmail.com;    Site Map