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Mike Newmans Block print of St. Peter's Christmas

 Block Print by Mike Newman


The Altarpiece has witnessed all events at St. Peter's in the last 160 years - except its own restoration

That's about to change...We're ready to kickoff a project to restore the altarpiece...and we can only do it with your help

We have a special page with articles and videos  on the altarpiece. 

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Daily meditations in words and music.  

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"We invite you to make a 'Sacred Space' in your day, praying here and now, as you visit our website, with the help of scripture chosen every day and on-screen guidance."

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Saints of the Week, Nov. 29 - Dec. 6  

Saint Andrew the Apostle


Nicholas Ferrar, Deacon, 1637; also [Charles de Foucauld, Hermit and Martyr in the Sahara, 1916]
Channing Moore Williams, Missionary Bishop in China and Japan, 1910
[Francis Xavier, Missionary to the Far East, 1552]
John of Damascus, Priest, c. 760
Clement of Alexandria, Priest, c. 210
Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, c. 342

Dec. 2 -10:00am - Ecumenical Bible Study

Dec. 2 - 5:00pm - Village Dinner

Dec. 2 - 5:30pm - St. Peter's Book group

Dec. 3 - 6:30pm - Peumansend Jail Bible Study

Dec. 6 -10:00am - Godly Play (preschool through 2nd grade

Dec. 6 -10:00am - "Weaving God's Promies" (3rd grade and up)

Dec. 6 -10:00am - "Songs in Waiting" , Parish House

Dec. 6 -11:00am, Holy Eucharist- Advent 1 

Dec. 6 -12:00pm, Coffee Hour

Sunday Readings and Servers   

Photos from Sunday, Nov. 29 

Last Sunday (Advent 1, November 29, 2015)    

December 2015 newsletter is out!  

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Advent 1

Advent 1 links

Advent 2

Explore Advent, Part 2

Second Advent readings affirm the coming of a deliverer, the Messiah—Jesus! Malachi announces the approach of God’s messenger, who will refine like fire. Baruch calls for the exiles to celebrate their return home. Paul reminds us to wait for Jesus’ return in glory. In today’s gospel, John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus’ public ministry, calling his listeners to repentance.

"Advent is a time to look for “desert places”: the place of solitude, the place of true silence in which we can become fully awake to our sin and God’s forgiving grace which alone can heal it."-Br. Robert L'Esperance

This week we focus on John the Baptist through scripture, art and commentary. Let's move to  Advent 2.

St. Nicholas




St Nicholas Day is December 6. 


Here is a presentation that provides the background of this saint who has had a colorful and varied history over 1800 years. 


Additional Meditations:   

Suzanne Guthrie - "A Way in the Wilderness" (2014)

Daniel Berrigan - "Advent Credo" (2004)

Catherine Adler - "Advent Hands" 


From the Presiding Bishop- Advent Messages 2012-2014 - "What are you waiting for?" 


From the Diocese of  Virginia -

Learning the Art of Waiting in Advent  (2012)
Rt. Rev. Susan Goff

Be Awake, Alert, Aware, Alive, Part 1 (2013)
Be Awake, Alert, Aware, Alive, Part 2 (2013)
Rt. Rev. Susan Goff

Liturgical Layers - Advent
Bishop Shannon Johnston

Christmas Flowers
Linda Hemming, Aquia Church

Advent Waiting in Hope
Jeff Borden

The surprising origins of the Twelve  Days of Christmas

A St. Peter's Advent and Christmas

Advent is a season of preparation for the coming of Jesus as one of us. Jesus brought God’s light into the world during his lifetime and we expect him to return to reign in glory at the end of time.  

1. “Songs in Waiting” - Sunday mornings 10am

Sun. Nov 22, Nov 29, Dec. 6, Dec 13

Paul-Gordan Chandler wrote this book while spending 10 years as Rector of the Episcopal St. John's Church/Maadi in Cairo, part of the Episcopal Diocese of Egypt and North Africa. He brings the knowledge of several cultures to bear on this book as he takes us through 4 Gospel stories that are at the heart of Christmas - Song of Mary, Song of Zecchariah, Songs of the Angels to the Shepherds and Song of Simeon.

The book is manageable at just over 100 pages and we will take a chapter per week and discuss the book along with the associated scriptures and art which are in the book

2. Port Royal Christmas Lighting Fri. Dec. 11, 5pm-7pm  – at the town Fire Hall. The plan is to have pizza, juice boxes, desert, hot chocolate for food. Songs will be sung and the tree will be lit.

3. Everett’s Christmas – Sun. Dec. 13, 5pm. Gather round the Everett’s table for a delicious pot luck dinner, over the top Christmas decorations, and Christmas caroling. All are welcome.

4. Choir Retreat – Sat Dec 19,10:30am – The choir will be gathering to rehearse Christmas music at Brad's house in Stafford followed by lunch. Set aside some time to pray this morning for Brad Volland, our organist, and our dedicated choir. And if you’d like to join the choir, let Brad know.

5. Christmas Play on Advent 4 – Sun. Dec. 20,11am.  Each year it's unique and at the same time a wonderful introduction to Christmas week.

6. Christmas Tea for Ladies -   Sun. Dec. 20,4pm-6pm at the Wisdoms

7. Christmas Eve – Wed., Dec. 24, 4:30pm – Holy Eucharist Rite II. Celebrating Christ coming among us.

8. Lessons and Carols – Sun. Dec 27th, 11am. This traditional Anglican service, developed in England, gives us the opportunity to hear the story of our salvation in Jesus Christ through scripture and song.  

St. Peter's Church 823 Water Street  P. O. Box 399 Port Royal, Virginia 22535  804-742-5908.  Reverend Catherine D. Hicks, Priest-in-Charge, stpetersrev@gmail.com;    Site Map