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Mike Newmans Block print of St. Peter's Christmas

 Block Print by Mike Newman


Village Harvest, Dec. 2014

This month, we plan to provide ingredients for twenty families to make potato soup.  Along with the soup ingredients, we want to include crackers, peanut butter, fresh fruit , paper towels, and scotch tape. We also hope to include the fresh produce from the Northern Neck Food Bank. 

All are welcome to help prepare the food for distribution and to help distribute the food on Wednesday, December 17th at 3:30pm-5:00pm. If you can help pack the bags, please arrive at 2PM. The more, the merrier!

"Singing Mary's Song" 

Mary’s song proclaimed deliverance and hope to a dark and fearful world. We have concluded the study but we have the notes below: 

Here is the author's introduction

Week 1 - Singing Mary's Song   - Nov. 23

Read the notes, Week 1  

Week 2 - In the Fullness of Time  - Nov. 30

Read the notes, Week 2  

Week 3 - Coming Out of Egypt -  Dec. 7

Read the notes, Week 3  

Week 4 - Preparing for Jesus Birth  - Dec. 14

Read the notes, Week 4  

Daily "Day by Day"

Follow the Star

Daily meditations in words and music.  

Saints of the Week, Dec. 14 - Dec. 21

[Juan de la Cruz (John of the Cross), Mystic, 1591]
[John Horden, Bishop and Missionary in Canada, 1893; also Robert McDonald, Priest, 1913]
[Ralph Adams Cram, 1942, and Richard Upjohn, 1878, Architects, and John LaFarge, Artist, 1910]
[William Lloyd Garrison, 1879, and Maria Stewart, 1879, Prophetic Witnesses]
[Lillian Trasher, Missionary in Egypt, 1961]
Saint Thomas the Apostle

Christ centered, Biblically based, spirit filled and a place of simple hospitality, we have shared our communal life with our church,our community, and those in need. Your presence enriches us. 

Dec. 16 - ECW Luncheon

Dec. 21 -10:00am - Godly Play 

Dec. 21 - 11:00am, Advent 4, Christmas Pageant

Sunday Readings and Servers   

Last Sunday

Photos from Dec. 14

See the Sunday Review

 Dec. 14, Sunday in Review


This Christmas season...

Link to all the events.

Everett's Christmas Extravangza, Dec. 14, 5pm

This is not a Christmas party but a Christmas experience. In every room in the Everett household you are surrounded by Christmas. It is challenging just to see everything. And their collection is still expanding! 

This year was special since it was Cherry's birthday. We sang "happy birthday" and had a combined Birthday/Christmas chocolate cake. Also as the festivities began, we were at sunset along the Rappahannock with a wonderful light and the occasional heron flying by.

Read more, including a photo gallery ...


Advent 3  

Advent 3

Explore Advent, Part 3 - Over the Sundays in Advent there will be a presentation each week focusing on that week's scriptures, art and commentary and how they demonstrate the themes of advent. Let's continue with Advent 3.

A. Voices for Advent 3

"In Advent the church emphasizes these ways of continual change: Repentance. Conversion of life. Self-examination. Awakening. Deepening.  "

- Suzanne Guthrie 

B. "You Don't Want to Be a Prophet (Isaiah, Luke)

C. David Lose on John 1:6-8


"Christmas without Anglicans?" - Anglican contributions to Advent and Christmas carols. 

Advent 4

The Advent mystery is the beginning of the end of all in us that is not yet Christ. - Thomas Merton


Explore Advent, Part 4 - Over the Sundays in Advent there will be a presentation each week focusing on that week's scriptures, art and commentary and how they demonstrate the themes of advent. Let's continue with Advent 4.

Feast of the Annunciation -  9 months before we celebrate the nativity there is the related Feast of the Annunciation on March 25 which is described here .

 Art of the Annunciation - The Annunication has been depicted in art for a thousand years. Here are 30+ images of that history .

 ECW Christmas event, Dec. 16, 2014

Photo gallery

The traditional ECW luncheon was broadened this year to include checkwriting for their 2014 gifts and preparation for the Village Harvest on Dec. 17.

They met in the morning to decide and write checks for 16 charities totaling $4,000. Here are the details of where the money went. 

15 then went to Hobbs Hole in Tappahannock and had lunch.

Finally they were back at St. Peter's to prepare for the Village Harvest food distribution for December. That is happening December 17 from 3:30pm to 5:00pm.

Christmas Pageant, Dec. 21, 2014, 11am

The 2012 play focused was on the Angel Gabriel. In 2013 it was Mary as shown above. The church windows were decorated with art concerning Mary from all over the world. The play, written by Catherine, featured an older Mary reflecting on her life which included the birth of Jesus.    

We have heard there were more children in this play than at any other time. A large crowd of 56 heard and/or participated in the play.

Here is the play. The bulletin is here.

What will the 2014 play be like ? Come see!

More information on the Love Feast 

Our Love Feast Invitation   (click on the picture)


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