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Donate School Supplies for Caroline County students

Needed—yellow #2 pencils, erasers, wide ruled notebook paper, glue sticks, Marble black and white composition books, boxes of 24 crayons, small index cards, tissues, Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, dry erase markers, fiskar scissors, spiral bound notebooks, yellow highlighters, pocket folders with and without prongs.


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Help us match the Diocese grant for the organ bellows 

The bellows are the "lungs of the organ." Leather supports the bellows making it air-tight.

The leather is worn out. The entire  job to replace the leather costs $14,000. With $7,000 from the Diocese plus $6,412 already collected since Easter, we have raised $13,488 with $512 to go (updated July 20, 2014).  

Please consider a donation to the church for the bellows, a tax deductible contribution. One way is to add a second check on Sundays or add a specific amount to your check and designate it for the bellows so we can keep the organ in excellent repair. 

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Saints of the Week, July 27- August 3

William Reed Huntington, Priest, 1909
[Johann Sebastian Bach, 1750, George Frederick Handel, 1759, and Henry Purcell, 1695, Composers]
Mary, Martha, [and Lazarus] of Bethany
William Wilberforce, 1833, [and Anthony Ashley Cooper, Lord Shaftesbury, 1885, Prophetic Witnesses]
Ignatius of Loyola, Priest and Monastic, 1556


Joseph of Arimathaea
[Samuel Ferguson, Missionary Bishop for West Africa, 1916]
[George Freeman Bragg, Jr., Priest, 1940]; also [William Edward Burghardt DuBois, Sociologist, 1963]

  Sunday, July 27, 2014  (full size gallery)

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July 28-31 - 10:00am-12:00pm - Vacation Bible School 

August 3 - 11:00am - Holy Eucharist, Rite II 

August 3 - 12:00pm - Coffee Hour (honoring Justin and Karen to be married at St. Peter's in August) 


This Sunday at St. Peter's - Servers, Readings   

Vacation Bible School Day 4, July 31

We welcomed two new children to the group today—Mia and Brock.

Everyone heard the story from I Samuel about Nabal, Abigail and David. Nabal and Abigail were rich, and David cared for their sheep. When David went to ask Nabal for some food to share with the other shepherds who worked for him, Nabal said no. David was so angry that he wanted to fight. Abigail decided to seek a different way, and so she prepared a meal and took it to David and the other shepherds, with apologies for Nabal’s behavior. David forgave Nabal and was grateful to Abigail for finding a different way for the two men to resolve their differences.

We heard the story, talked about how we gather around God’s table and as we share the bread, we become friends with one another.

Games included some review games for the week, and for snacks, we made and baked pretzels and had brownies.

Photo Gallery inside...

Vacation Bible School Day 3, July 30

We continued with our theme this year of Welcome! Give and Receive God’s Great Love.

Zacchaeus climbed a tree to be above the crowds to see Jesus. Jesus stopped under the tree and called Zacchaeus by name, and then invited himself to Zacchaeus’ house for supper. Zacchaeus is forever changed.

We heard the story, got to act it out (Tucker was the tree), then took turns climbing a tree and sharing friendship bubbles.  

See the photos...

Vacation Bible School Day 2, July 29

We continued with our theme of Give and Receive God’s Great Love.

We entered into the Good Samaritan parable by hearing it and then acting it out, several times. Everyone got a chance to be different characters in the story, and the children were very creative as they acted out this drama.

We shared a snack, made beautiful goblets to share with one another and found a secret message (just as the parables have secret messages for us all) by painting, and our game today was a form of tag. The person who got tagged got bandaged, and then the bandaged person tagged someone else and bandaged that person. This game helps us to remember to be good neighbors and to care for those among us who need our help.

Continue for a photo gallery...

Vacation Bible School Day 1, July 28

Our theme this year is Welcome! Give and Receive God’s Great Love.

Today we heard the story about Abraham and Sarah welcoming three strangers and offering them hospitality—Abraham offered the strangers a place to rest, some water, some food, and he offered to wash their feet. Sarah and Abraham fixed the three visitors a delicious meal. And then the strangers had a surprise for them! They told Abraham that Sarah was going to have a baby, although she was far too old. And so Sarah laughed and said “Is anything too wonderful for God!”

Continue for a photo gallery and video...

Coffee Hour, Aug 3 at Noon in honor of Justin Long's and Karen Ellrod's upcoming marriage

Join us in welcoming Karen to our Church family!

Hosted by:

Bill and Nancy Wick,

Virginia and Perry Bowen

To start the couple off we thought it would be fun to do something special. If you want to take part bring a little something i.e. favorite recipe, kitchen gadget, a tool, paper towels, etc. We’ll put everything into a laundry basket and present it to Karen and Justin.

Hope you can join us!


Lectionary, Aug. 3, 2014, Pentecost 8, Year A  

I.Theme -   God cares for his creation

 "Christ Feeding the 5000" - Eric Feather

The lectionary readings are here  or individually: 

Old Testament - Isaiah 55:1-5
Psalm - Psalm 145: 8-9, 15-22 Page 801, BCP
Epistle -Romans 9:1-5
Gospel - Matthew 14:13-21 

Our readings this week continue to show how much God cares for His creation. We read about lives changed forever. We hear about the innocent people suffering but also that God understands. God even shows His love for those who disobey Him and turn away from Him. We see that God wants to bless His people and we see that come about with miracles taking place and people being blessed.

We are an open church - we welcome everyone to share in our community:

- even the Babylonians and Persians in Isaiah

- Jews who question the falling away of the Christ movement in Paul

- Those who wanted to cast away the people in the Gospel for a lack of food

The Psalm demonstrates the actions of the Lord - the Lord “raises,” “gives,” “fulfills,” “hears,” and “watches.”  

This week has the only parable contained in all four Gospels - the feeding of the 5,000. Ironically the emphasis of the event is not so much upon the miraculous nature of the feeding, for the usual reference to the astonishment of the disciples and crowd (12:23, 14:33) is absent, as it is upon the implied revelation of who Jesus is.  

At the beginning of the passage, Jesus had retreated on news of John the Baptist death

"This passage shows so beautifully the humanity and divinity of Jesus." writes Rick Morley

"He could have sent them away. He could have told them all what had happened to John. He could have just cried and yelled and screamed. He could have gotten into the boat, conjured up a good storm and been done with them all. 

"But, he was moved with compassion. He always is. He was able to see beyond his own pain, and feel the pain they were bringing."

For the early Church, the eucharistic significance of the feeding of the 5,000 made it a central experience in the narratives of Jesus’ ministry

The key acts are all there :

1. Jesus takes the food which is an offering - we give what we have.  

2. Jesus blesses the food by giving thanks. Our liturgy thanks God on behalf of creation, humanity, and the Church. In our lives we struggle to relearn the natural prayer of our childhood, when we woke each morning with wonder and gratitude in our heart. 

3. Jesus breaks the bread. In church, the breaking of the eucharistic bread may help us recall Christ’s sacrifice and death. In our lives, it is our very selves we are challenged to break—our limits of prejudices, fears, and old attitudes. God calls us to break through to a new awareness of the power of God’s love and of the needs of our brothers and sisters. 

4. He shares with all as we extend his ministry to the world.

This is the truth in which Paul exults when he proclaims that nothing, not our fears, not our sins, not the crushing powers of this world or any other can keep us apart from the love of God shown us in Jesus our lord. Our lives are broken, but we are loved forever. 


Organ Bellows going out on July 8

Mark Thompson's company provided these pictures of the organ bellows being taken out of the organ, being prepared for loading and the loading on the trailer. He told us at the end of July that they would be returned the week of August 15. More information on the bellows


Review from Zions Lutheran Church, Weatherly, PA

"LYRA performed before a packed house at Zions Lutheran Church in Weatherly, PA. The sound from these six excellent singers was awesome. They invoked the solemnity of a Russian church during the liturgical portion of the program. Their dynamic range is incredible with every note heard in perfect pitch, even in the very soft sections of the music. Their volume seemed to be that of 20 singers in the loud portions. . 

"The folk song portion of the program was enthusiastically received by the audience and many a toe was set to tapping. The members of LYRA were just as enthusiastic in their performance. What is amazing is that each member of the group is an accomplished soloist in their own right and yet they perform as tightly knit ensemble.

"LYRA received many extended applause and standing ovations. LYRA is a don't miss act that will entertain and inspire the listener

See a sample program of one of their concerts.


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