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July 5, 2015

Mike Newmans Block print of St. Peter's Christmas

 Block Print by Mike Newman


How well do you know Port Royal? Can you match the door to the building ? There are 24 opportunities.

Give it a Try! (We are not keeping records of how well you do).


Thanks to Ken Pogue we now have 4 postcards of the church - $1 each. They make  wonderful thank you cards

Link to the reports from Jan 18 Annual Meeting

2014 End of year pictures

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Saints of the Week, - July 5- July 12, 2015

[Jan Hus, Prophetic Witness and Martyr, 1415]
Benedict of Nursia, Abbot of Monte Casino, c. 540
[Nathan Söderblom, Archbishop of Uppsala and Ecumenist, 1931]

Pentecost 6, July 5, 2015  (full size gallery)

Last Sunday (Pentecost 5, July 5, 2015)   

July 6-9 -  9:15am to 11:30am, Vacation Bible School

July 8 - 10am, Ecumenical Bible Study


This Sunday at St. Peter's - Servers, Readings   

Attention - Things we need!

    • By July 5 - Needed for Vacation Bible School-any of the following DRIED beans—red beans, northern beans, split peas, pintos and black beans.
    • By July 12 - For July’s Village Harvest distribution, July 15, please bring peanut butter, tuna, and elbow macaroni.
    • By July 13 - We need to have forms for gleaning completed

Vacation Bible School Day 1, July 6, 2015

Vacation Bible School is the consummate summer event for kids. The expressions in this picture speak volumes about these children and their personalities. It was great getting "our gang" together on a  relaxing, summer day.  It's a wonderful time for them to have fun with each other.

Day 1 was about "God is Love". It was taught in what they colored, what they sang and ultimately about an outreach project they did. Catherine and Becky are our teachers with the assistance of Judy and Tucker. In most of what they did they learned to work together, an invaluable lesson.  There was plenty of time for just fun and games. 

They started with coloring with each child displaying their art. A game, "Duck Duck Goose" followed which involved the children sitting in a circle and one going round tapping each head "duck" until a "goose" was chosen. At that point there was a chase of the "goose" after the tagger. The tagger tried to run home to be "safe." 

The children went to the church for a question and answer session and to learn songs with Catherine and Tucker. Two songs are on tap for the week - "This is the Day" and "God is good." Tucker was invaluable in helping to keep the song progressing  

Read more, see photos about VBS, Day 1...

Gleaning Mission Project, July 20-25. Sign up now!

Gleaning is going over a field or area that has just been harvested and gathering by hand any usable parts of the crop that remain. It keeps waste at a minimum and helps Food banks and suppliers replenish their supplies.

It helps us appreciate the supply chain and give back to those who help us. We couldn't do the Village Harvest program without the ability to buy fresh produce at 5 cents a pound from the Northern Neck Food Bank.

1. When? We will be gleaning Mon., July 20-Fri, July 25, 8:45am-12pm  for “Feed More” , a supplier for the Northern Neck Food Bank where we purchase our produce for the Village Harvest. The fields are owned by Parker Farms.  It's only in the morning so we avoid the afternoon heat.

2. Where ? We meet at General Testing Labs 1623 Leedstown Road Colonial Beach, Va. 22443 at 8:45am each day

3. What you need to do ?  There are two forms to complete 

A. Complete a signup sheet on what day(s) you would like to glean. We need to let them know how many will be coming. We also may be able to carpool. 

B. Complete the Northern Neck release form.  We have pre-filled in some parts of the form to make it easier.

These forms can be 1. completed online and then printed OR 2. printed and then completed by hand.  

Whichever way, bring the forms by the church. We need the completed forms a week ahead - July 13

Lectionary, July 12, Pentecost 7  

I. Theme -  Participation in Christ's Ministry and Mission

Duccio - Jesus Commissions the twelve

The lectionary readings are here  or individually: 

Old Testament - Amos 7:7-15
Psalm - Psalm 85:8-13 Page 709, BCP
Epistle -Ephesians 1:3-14
Gospel - Mark 6:14-29  

Today’s readings invite us to reflect on our participation in Christ’s mission and ministry. A unifying theme in today’s scriptures is that when we try to be people-pleasers, when we say what others want to hear, we are denying the fullness of God’s intention for us. Rather, when we give ourselves over to God–when we authentically praise God with our words, our actions, our very lives–we find our own fulfillment and satisfaction in participating in God’s reign on earth. However, if we are like Herod, wanting to hear the word of God but wanting to please others, we end up doing things contrary to the Gospel. We talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, so to speak. God’s desire for us is the fullness of life, and in order to achieve that we must give ourselves fully to God’s ways of justice, love and peace.

Sometimes, like Amos, following God’s call is very difficult, even life-threatening. Amos defends his prophetic calling in the face of opposition from Israel’s rulers. In 2 Samuel, David brings the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem with song and dancing. The author of Ephesians reminds us that God has chosen us from the beginning to share in the redemptive work of Christ. Jesus instructs and sends out twelve disciples to share in his ministry.

We might expect a drum roll, or at least a lightning flash, when God chooses human beings to participate in God’s work. Yet in today’s readings we see a more human, humble face of the choice described so beautifully to the Ephesians. God “chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless before him in love.”

Amos is an example of the lord’s stamp of destiny on responsive people, whom God may call from any modest quarter, fill with the Holy Spirit, and commission to speak God’s word. Amos had no credentials as a prophet, and sounds rather bewildered that he was called away from his sheep and sycamores. Nevertheless, he had no doubt that he had been divinely called to speak God’s word.

Like the people in Nazareth who turned a deaf ear to Jesus, so Amos’s listeners rejected his unpopular message. In less than fifty years, however, his prediction came true.

When Jesus sent out twelve disciples, they were ill-equipped by our standards—no bread, no bag, no money in their belts, no extra clothes. Only sandals on their feet—to carry them to the receptive and away from the unreceptive; and a staff—a support for walking and perhaps a symbol of the shepherd’s profession. Neither were they prepared for their mission by understanding fully what it was all about. Jesus sent them out with a message that had made him offensive even to his own family. Yet something about him must have impelled them to go forth with the same message.

How then do we follow their model? Perhaps they show us that we needn’t have our own houses perfectly in order before we minister to others. Nor do we need to spruce up our credentials: apparently none of the disciples took theology courses in the seminary. Jesus calls them in their ordinary clothes, pursuing their usual routines. To do his work, it seems more important to have a companion than a new wardrobe.

Their willingness enables them to drive out demons and cure the sick. They discover powers they didn’t know they had. And people knew there had been followers of Jesus among them. These disciples had been chosen for an astonishing destiny.

Read more about the lectionary...



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