Village Harvest, Oct 21, 2020 – “Words of Assurance”

Title:Village Harvest, Oct 21, 2020 – “Words of Assurance”

A creative and enterprising parishioner associated the food we distributed in October with certain words which could be considered “words of assurance.” They were written in the food bundles that people received.

How do we live our lives in this time of pandemic?

National Farm Worker Ministry is a faith based organization which supports farm workers as they organize for justice and empowerment. The have written the following “Our God is a God of grace and transformation. When we ask, God will give us the courage and strength to live out our faith in the workplace and the marketplace, as well as in the sanctuary.”

We served 115 people this month, the largest number since before the pandemic in February of this year. Specifically, we had chicken & beef person as well as potatoes and 🥔 onions bagged apples 🍎, cereal, muffins, soups and tuna.

For the 7 months we have been open in 2020, we have served 707 which is the lowest year to date figure in 5 years. We are also toward the bottom in pounds of food distributed, 9,132 if we look back over the last five years.

We do better when we associate the numbers we served with the food distributed. Value was 12.9 pounds per person, the second highest value over five years. The value per shopper at $6 a pounds was $81 this month, the second highest dollar figure in five years.

This month, October, 2020, we are completing our 6th year with this ministry since the Village Harvest started in November, 2014.