The Village Harvest completes its 5th year

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Title:The Village Harvest completes its 5th year

Nov 2019 welcomed 150 people to the Village Harvest on our fifth anniversary. This was the largest number of clients since April 2018 or in a year and a half.

The food provided, however, was the second lowest of the year at 882 pounds based on what was spent. The pounds per person was under 6 in November, the smallest monthly number last Dec. As noted by Cookie Davis, however, there were 23 plus hams left over from last month. Vegetables included yellow pepper, broccoli, onions and navy beans.

A different view emerges if we look at year to date. We have served 1,272 persons in 2019, 14,539 pounds or 11.5 pounds per person, representing the second highest value in five years. Despite less food purchased in November, the average value per client for all of 2019 was $73, the same as in 2018 and well above the average for earlier years at under $55.

At the five year anniversary point, we would like to salute our volunteers the Davis and Keys who drive an hour away to gather the food as well as the those who unload and work the distribution. Many of the same volunteers are here every month. Some of their faces appear in the image above. Without the volunteers, there would be no harvest.