Village Harvest, Nov., 2018

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Title:Village Harvest, Nov., 2018

We had our lowest turnout of 2018 at 85 on Nov 21, 2018. It was the day before Thanksgiving and that may have had an impact on the numbers. Thanks to Andrea Pogue for the pictures.

Still, it was our 4 year anniversary. Since Nov. 2014, the first distribution, we have served over 5,500 people over 50,000 pounds of food or 9 pounds per visit.

People served in 2018 are at 75% of of the level in 2017 for the year or 25% less than last year. Food distributed, however, has grown 6%. Thus, the average pounds of food a person received is 11 pounds compared to 7.7 a year ago. The value per shopper is $77.

Dollars spent are just under $2,000 for the year compared to $1,078 last year.