Videos, Sept 20, 2020 – The Season of Creation

Title:Videos, Sept 20, 2020 – The Season of Creation

1. Dakota Indian Chant – Hymn of Praise

Many and great, O God, are thy works,
maker of earth and sky;
thy hands have set the heavens with stars;
thy fingers spread the mountains and plains.
Lo, at thy word, the waters were formed;
Deep seas obey thy law.

Grant unto us communion with thee,
Thou star abiding one;
Come unto us and dwell with us
with thee are found the gifts of life.
Bless us with life that has no end,
Eternal life with thee.

2. Acoustic Guitar interlude, selection – Karen Richardson

3. Season of Creation Eucharistic Prayer

This combines Sept 20 Eucharistic Prayer with scenes from the Season of Creation worship over the last few years

We thank you, Holy Creator, that you allow us to worship here, surrounded by the evidence of your divinity: Your light shines through the green of the trees, and your shadows play around us like the joys and sorrows that come and go in our lives. We thank you for the ever-shifting beauty of the Rappahannock River, for the songs of the birds, for the flowers that bloom in their season, for the smell of newly cut grass, and for the cool of autumn air. We thank you for the laughter and the tears that we have shared together.

As Jesus was, we are called to times of service, but also to solitude, to vast stores of unused quiet to be with You, to immensities of rivers, oceans and skies that enlarge our souls and remind us of eternity, and of what passes, but with promise.

And so we come together today to receive your Word and join with Saints and Angels in a chorus of praise and thanks that rings through eternity, lifting our voices to magnify you as we sing

4. Eucharist – Conclusion