Videos and Photos – Agape Meal, June 16, 2019

Title:Videos and Photos – Agape Meal, June 16, 2019

To conclude our 2 month First Corinthians study we planned an agape meal. We had 10 people in attendance.

The agape meal is known as a Lovefeast and was originally part of the Eucharist in the early church but split off by 250AD. These foods are typical of the food that would have been eaten by the Corinthians and we had them today -Grapes, dried fruit of various sorts, dates, olives, green peas and basil, hummus, pita bread, lentils, mint, goat cheese.


Bishop Ihloff our newest Bishop in the Diocese of Virginia came for a bishop visitation and graciously agreed to play Paul and to entertain our questions during the meal:

1. Please speak on the necessity of taking care of those less fortunate than us
2. How do we promote joy in the midst of hardship?
3. How do we handle division with the issue of the Resurrection ?
4. What example does your life have for us ?
5. How do we handle divisive issues ?

The Bishop switched to our time spent time talking about how we should live out our faith in our world.

Videos concerning many of these issues:

1. Agape Meal with Bishop Ihloff playing the role of Paul – Sharing and take care of the needy

2. Agape Meal – Joy in Midst of Hardship

3. Agape Meal – Paul reflects on his life

4. Agape Meal – Putting contentious issues aside

5. Agape Meal – Bishop Ihloff -Living out our Christian Faith in today’s world