Videos, May 26, 2019

Title:Videos, May 26, 2019

1. Memorial Day unlike Rogation Sunday is supported by the Church but a national holiday, remembering both those who died in the service of our country as well all who served. We have celebrated it by veterans bringing mementos and/or by honoring them during the service. We had six on hand today. Here, they identify their service branch:

The photo gallery this week features a number of photos of those buried our graveyard who served. It starts our with Rogation Sunday which was May 26, 2019.

2.Sermon by Helmut Linne von Berg

Part 1

Part 2

3. The last hymn, “O Jesus, crowned with all renown” (H292) was written by Edward White Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1883 until his death in 1896. The music was known as Kingsfold which some scholars believes goes back to the Middle Ages.