VBS, Tue. June, 20, 2017 – Day2

Title:VBS, Tue. June, 20, 2017 – Day2

  Tues, June 20, 2017, VBS Day 2 (full size gallery)

We had 13 children under Becky’s leadership with Catherine providing the music. With the nursery it is over 17 with the increases today there. This year it is all about Harry Potter and his magical world.  

Today was fun and adventures with the sorting hat. Helmut was the star with his costume and sorting hat. The children heard several lessons on the TV. Following this they talked among themselves trying to figure out whether Harry was good or bad ? Owl delivered more mail, an invitation that would direct them to Hogwarts School. Today each child wore the sorting hat which would determine which house each was going.

We thank Elizabeth Heimbach for providing both chicken and mac and cheese for the young scholars. A hardy lunch!


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