Best of Vacation Bible School, June 23, 2017

Title:Best of Vacation Bible School, June 23, 2017

  Best pictures of VBS 2017(full size gallery)

Thanks to Becky Fisher for conceiving the idea of using Harry Potter with VBS , for the extensive amount of work in gathering materials and other tasks to make it work at St. Peter’s. Of course, she was the lead teacher also! Thanks to Catherine for handling the music, borrowing the labyrinth and other details and to all the helpers for lunch and other needs.

And most of all for the Class of 2017 – the largest number of children served (17) in several years over a longer period of time.

An impossible task is to pick the "best" of anything. Everyone sees it differently. Above are the pictures that keep the story line going and below there are pictures and links that lead to the individual days.

Day by Day at VBS

->Monday  – "Catch the action!"

Follow the story –  Link to VBS Monday

->Tuesday  – "Adventures with the Sorting Hat!"

Follow the story –  Link to VBS Tuesday

->Thursday  – "The labyrinth"


Follow the story –  Link to VBS Thursday

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