Thirteen concert, Feb., 11, 2018

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Here are clips from the rehearsal at 4pm. These are not complete pieces:

The Thirteen was our first concert almost five years ago in Oct. 2013. We brought them back to help begin our sixth year. Many things have changed with them including singers though they still have two singers from that period. Many of their concerts, including this one, are thematic. This concert, "From Tree to Shining Tree", was based on the environment and how composers have expressed their feelings – wonder, delight as well horror to the destruction of nature through their music.

The harmonies are richer and bolder since they were last here with selections extending over a broader period – five centuries- from Walter Lambe’s Renaissance influenced "Stella caell" in the time of the plaque in 16th century England asking for a guardian star to watch over the earth to David Lang’s modern and aggressive "by fire" which features two poems echoed by choir expressing dismay over the exploitation of the environment in our time.

In particular the later works show an amazing set of harmonies. While a group effort, various soloists were spotlighted through the concert.

We had 50 people on a pretty dreary day though the music lightened it up. The rain held up and it was very wam in the 60’s in February. We thank the Heimbachs for a wonderful reception at 6pm including drinks, cheese and crab dip. Also Brad Volland provided two types of lasagna at dinner which was appreciated. Thanks to others such as Roger and Eunice who helped with the dinner and logistics. 

 Thirteen Concert, Feb. 11, 2018 (full size gallery)

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