Tenebrae, April 16, 2014

Title:Tenebrae, April 16, 2014

Tenebrae on April 16, 2014 was the opening of the Holy Week services. After several warmer than normal days, we had a refreshing (but cold!) rain on Monday day and Monday night that set the stage for a day with glorious sunshine and mild temperatures. 

We had 20 at Tenebrae which was a good turnout. This was an unusual service with its own Liturgy. "The readings range from Lamentations in the Old Testament to commentary from St Augustine, and at last a reading from Hebrews, in which the theology of God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ our great high priest is presented for our consideration." 14 candles are lit and extinguished gradually throughout the service until one is left. "This service makes use of the power of light and sound to emphasize the darkness of death. The service ends on a note of hope. One candle remains, a solitary light in the darkness into which we depart."

The bulletin for the service is here

Tenebrae , April 16, 2014  (full size gallery)

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