Taking God’s Light into the World in Epiphany

Title:Taking God’s Light into the World in Epiphany

The Season after Epiphany is all about light. Jesus, the light of the world, continues to be revealed through scripture, son and our worship together. We, the disciples of Jesus, have the privilege of carrying the light that Jesus brings to our lives out into the world, not just during Epiphany, but year round.

In December, as part of sharing the Light, the Vestry sends money to various organizations. St Jude’s Hospital cares for children with cancer. Boy Scout Troop #304 is Tucker Fisher’s scout troop, and Chris Fisher is the scout master—the troop has several boys who lack financial resources, so our donation will help this scout troop thrive. Healthy Harvest Food Bank provides the food that we distribute for the Village Harvest each month. Virginia Theological Seminary trains people for ministry and is in the process of updating its buildings as well as its offerings, which have been broadened to include many offerings for lay people as well as those in the ordination process. Hunters for the Hungry processes the deer that are harvested each year and the meat is then donated to those in need. Our donation helps with the processing of the meat. Our donation to The Diocese of Virginia will help with diocesan outreach projects.

CERV helps with emergency financial needs of people at Caroline County. CERV thanked us with this note.
“Dear Members of St Peter’s Episcopal Church, Thank you so much for your very generous donation to CERVE. Your kindness is very much appreciated—by us at CERVE and especially by those in need. Your donation so $250 will help those in need, which is great when the weather is so cold. Thank you and may you have a very Merry Christmas. Gloria Bolecek”

Caroline Recovery, located in Bowling Green, VA, works with people in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. They thanked St Peter’s with the following note.
“Dear Rev Hicks, We at Caroline Recovery Center are so very grateful for your donation of $250. This money will help families and individuals regain their lives and find meaning and purpose. Please feel free to come and visit us to see how we help people. Please let your congregation know we are grateful for the support of St Peter’s. Sincerely, Leslie Phillips, PRS, Laney Salton, PRS and Program Director, Don Majewski, PRS Executive director

The Vestry also gave a donation to the Endowment Fund in honor of Ben Hicks, and a donation to the Village Harvest in honor of me, and Ben and I are very grateful for these donations that will benefit the church and our outreach ministries.

In thanksgiving for Carey Connors’ first semester with us, the Vestry provided her with a gift. Here’s the note she sent for all of us.

Dear Catherine and the Community of St Peter’s,
Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas gift. It was incredibly generous and a wonderful surprise. As you might imagine, every penny is counted while in seminary and I will put it to good use. I am likewise so grateful for your friendship, kindness and generous support. You are truly God’s witness in my process of the goodness which awaits me in community. Peace and thanks, Carey

At the end of the year the congregation supported these causes
• ECM Thanksgiving – $510.00
• UTO – $882.70 (this is total for Spring and Fall)
• Giving Tuesday – $497.25