July 4 at St. Peter’s

Title:July 4 at St. Peter’s

 July 4, 2018 at St. Peter’s (full size gallery)


St. Peter’s was the scene of the Historic Port Royal July 4, observation.

Many parishioners were involved. Cookie Davis, the President of Historic Port Royal opened the event and talked of her family roots. Nancy Long, Chair of the Caroline County Board, stressed the importance of participation and service in the collective role of government – we are the government.

The men led by Johnnny Davis served lunch and netted $600. Helping him were Helmut Linne von Berg, Charles McGuire, Ken and Andrea Pogue, Bill Wick, and Laura Carey.

Mike Newman as the town crier gave an impassioned reading of the Declaration of Independence.

The afternoon event included Marlyn Newman’s harp competition winners performing a mini-concert.

Cleo Coleman (a good Baptist, though she occasionally visits us and participates in weekly ecumenical Bible study) provided an amazing historic recreation of Harriet Tubman in her later years in a nursing home recalling her life on a Maryland plantation and her role in the Underground Railroad.

Nancy Long, Mike Newman, Thom Guthrie, pianist and Bill McCoy, organist (OK he is a Methodist) led the crowd in a patriot hymn fest.

We gave out our historic brochures, updated for 2018 and one for the graveyard.

A hot day (though not as hot as the scorcher on July 2 – 100+ degrees). The church served was an appropriate amphitheater, a cool place to relax and a center of part of the program. Thanks for everyone’s help.

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