St Francis Sunday, Oct. 4 – Showing off our Pets

Title:St Francis Sunday, Oct. 4 – Showing off our Pets

St Francis Sunday, Oct. 4 – Showing off our Pets

1. Brad Volland

Not everyone has parrots to share!

1. Peaches is a female Green Cheek Conure (cinnamon mutation). She is 14 years old and likes to hide inside Brad’s pajama top. 2. Greta enjoying nature. 3. Doppy (left) and Giblet (right). Doppy is a Male Eclectus Parrot and 12 years old. Giblet is a female Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot and more than 60 years old.

2. Cookie Davis

This is my grand dog a Chesapeake Retriever named “Goose” who likes to visit my pool.

3. Cherry Everett

Sweetie will be 3 years old in January 2021 and is a regular attendee at St. Peters during normal times. She is a working service pup and helps keep Woody healthy. When off-duty, Sweetie is a delightful companion for Cherry. Sweetie seems to be loved by anyone who sees here either off-duty or at work.

4. Catherine Hicks

Simba on the left was a stray in the neighborhood found by our daughter Catherine. One of the most intelligent cats we have had, Simba is a long cat who likes to stretch. He also likes green beans and corn. Sasha on the right was a stray who came to us. She loves to watch squirrels and birds from the window but is not permitted to go out. Simba has learned to respect her!

Our St. Francis links. We can’t have a pet blessing in 2020 because of COVID. The links has biographical material on St. Francis and pictures of earlier celebrations.