A Real Animal Blessing, Oct. 4, 2012

Title:A Real Animal Blessing, Oct. 4, 2012

St. Francis Blessing of the Animals, Oct. 4, a wonderful time!  

The Lord God Made Them All 

8 dogs and owners joined us a festive St. Francis Day celebration. We have  a gallery below of 35+ pictures for 2012.  We had time to get to know each dog and spend time enjoying our pets. The weather started out overcast but featured typical October sun by the end of the day.  


Prayer of St. Francis



2012 Gallery
Max enjoying a bone to the right
2012 Service


2011 Gallery
2010 Gallery


We hope to make an online directory this year of the "Pets of St. Peter’s" – just for fun!  

Here’s a link to a sample if we had used 2011’s animals. 

We will start those at the St. Francis service and obtain pictures of the others and publish them online.   

You can submit a picture online  or send us an email to Catherine. If you do the latter, please include the animal ‘s name, owner, age and breed. You can also include something special about this animal, such as trait, how you obtained him, his favorite meal? You can decide that.  

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