Progress on stained glass window repair, Nov. 28, 2011

Title:Progress on stained glass window repair, Nov. 28, 2011

Stained Glass window rosettes test firing 

From Nov., Parish Post – "Unless you sing in the choir, you may have never noticed that the church windows closest to the street need some work. The stained glass in the window that faces east has some damage that occurred far back in the church’s history. The opposite window has only clear glass in the center where the stained glass rose medallion once was. Thanks to a very generous anonymous gift, the damaged window is being repaired, and the west window will once more again have  the lovely design of the other windows."

Update From Stained Glass by Shenandoah: "We are currently working on test firings (see photo) -this is a drawn out process. Once satisfied with the results, things will proceed more quickly. As for completion prior to Christmas, that is not a certainty due to the complexity of the process involved and our desire to match as closely as possible. Once we have passed the testing stage we will have a better handle on the timeframe."

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