First week of spring – What a week!

Title:First week of spring – What a week!

 Spring began March 21, 2018 (full size gallery)


Before we get to the amazing story Palm Sunday and Holy Week, it is worth to pause on the effect of weather on this first week of spring. The week started with a spectacular sunrise on Monday, March 19.  A good sign to lead to spring but spring never showed its face this week.

Yes, we had planned a full first day of spring March 21- Bible Study at 10am, preparation for the Village Harvest, our food distribution, which was scheduled from 3pm to 5pm and then continuing the Bible study on Revelation at 6pm.

Mother nature had other ideas with 3 to 5 inches of snow falling on the 21st. All of our activities were cancelled.  Catherine called many people planning to come to the Village Harvest,

There were more disruptions. Last week and this week the interior of St. Peter’s was painted. The sacristy was cleared on Sunday and painting ensued. An emergency crew came in on Thursday to recover the church so to be ready by Sunday. The place was a mess!  Adding to the difficulties was that the weather was not spring-like with a strong wind making it that much colder.

Thanks to Cookie and Johnny for helping to clear the snow on Wednesday, Cookie for the Port Royal pictures and with Elizabeth Heimbach to straighten the sacristy in time for Palm Sunday. The palms came on Thursday so we are getting set.

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