Shred-it, 2019 – the largest tally in 8 years

Title:Shred-it, 2019 – the largest tally in 8 years

 Shred-it, May 18, 2019 (full size gallery)

Thanks to Andrea Pogue’s work on Shred-it today May 18, 2019, we earned $390, the largest tally in 8 years. The funds go to St. Peter’s outreach ministries. It covers over a month of the Village Harvest.

Andrea originated it and has developed it over the period. It is a not only a convenient way to dispose of sensitive, private documents but we find it is a great fellowship event attracting all ages, particularly with all the food Andrea brings to the event! The weather was seasonable but in the sun the temperature rose. The watermelon and popsicles she brought his the spot! Thanks to all who contributed and for Andrea’s leadership.