Revelation – A Free Class

Title:Revelation – A Free Class

During Lent, we offered a Bible Study on the Book of Revelation. Other churches did also and many used Michael Battle’s book, Heaven on Earth as a basis. He visited St. George’s in Fredericksburg as part of their Lenten Weekend on the first Sunday in Lent. Book groups developed to study the book

ChurchNext is offering a free online course provided by Battle "Revelation: The End of the World or Heaven on Earth?

You can find it here

This course is ideal for those seeking a deeper knowledge of the Book of Revelation.


Here is the course information :

"Learn why the Book of Revelation is a source of hope and inspiration that reveals God’s dream for humanity.

"How will the world end? Does hell exist? Will we be separated from the people we know and love when we die?

"These are just a few of the questions the Book of Revelation inspires, and in his groundbreaking analysis, priest, theologian, and seminary professor Michael Battle takes on as he unpacks this book like you’ve never experienced it before. "

"Here are the titles of his five lectures:

  • Are We There Yet?
  • Revelation’s Nightmares
  • Staying Awake
  • Good Dreams
  • The Healing of the Nations

"It will take an average student about 45 minutes to complete this course. You can pause at any time and come back. You can even re-take lessons. Each course features 3-6 video lectures that are from 5-7 minutes in length. Also included are downloadable Mp3s of each lecture plus Discussion Questions and a one-page synopsis of the course called The Takeaway."

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