Pentecost videos, May 20, 2018

Title:Pentecost videos, May 20, 2018

1. "There’s a sweet, sweet spirit" – Arrival of the Holy Spirit

The streamers on Pentecost is a St. Peter’s tradition depicting the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the choir really gets into it. It comes at various time in the service. This year appropriately was the Hymn of Praise, "There’s a sweet sweet Spirit". Unfortunately, the Holy Spirit wasn’t around to help us clean up the mess!

2. "Life High the Cross"- Extinguishing of the Paschal Candle

We also enjoyed singing another favorite – "Life High the Cross." It’s at the heart of Pentecost. We sang as the processional when we extinguished the Paschal candle. From the bulletin "Sometimes known as the birthday of the church, the day that the promised Holy Spirit entered the waiting disciples in Jerusalem. In response, they spread the good news about Jesus far and wide, and we disciples are their descendants. Now it’s our turn to spread the good news. The extinguishing of the paschal candle reminds us that the mission that Jesus carried out on earth is now our calling, through the power and the help of the Holy Spirit."

3. "Life High the Cross"- Processional

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