The Pavilion gets its roof!

Title:The Pavilion gets its roof!

Back in February 2020, the walls of the nursery building had to be torn down due to old termite damage that had dangerously weakened the wooden walls. The back wall had completely rotted away. The link above shows what had happened to it beneath the walls.

The Vestry reviewed options and decided to create an outdoor pavilion.

After being contacted by Fred Martin, a member of the Abraham Lincoln Institute, regarding the possibility of honoring John Sellers with a memorial at St Peter’s, the Vestry agreed to complete the work on the pavilion in memory of John. John was a founding member of The Abraham Lincoln Institute and its life blood, as Fred Martin puts it. Members of the Institute plan to contribute to this project. After talking with three contractors about the work needed to make the pavilion a reality, the Vestry voted to have Chris Flora do the work.

The work has progressed quickly in the last week. The four post supports went up last week; this week the floor was prepared with the concrete base, sand and the pavers for the floor. It was all ready to set the roof in place on Aug 26, 2020 by Chris Flora’s team. The roof had been saved from the old nursery and improved from the children’s nursery that occupied the space.

We have both pictures and a video from Aug 26. Thanks to Jim Heimbach for taking the time to shoot all the photography.