New Year’s Dec. 31, 2016

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Title:New Year’s Dec. 31, 2016

  New Year’s Gala, Dec. 31, 2016  (full size gallery)

This event, one unique to St. Peter’s, originated around 2003 when there was no priest after Karen Woodruff left. It was a way for keeping the congregation together and for enjoying each other’s company in fellowship. It’s a full dinner which doesn’t get in the way of later activities in the evening as it starts around 6pm and doesn’t go beyond 8:30pm

This year there were 28  which matched last year. Competing football games kept some away.

The people and food change from year to year but the glad tidings and celebration are a constant. A great way to end 2016 and look forward to 2017. 

Hors d’oeuvres were in good supply – Marilyn’s peanut soup, Andrea’s egg rolls and pizza, and chicken wings were some of the choices. The bar was manned by Helmut and led by Bill Wick’s "wicked eggnog", a repeat from year to year.  You have to watch what you consume however!

With the main meal, there were some repeats in food including Johnny’s venison. Dave upped the ante with his goose which reminded this writer of the goose promised at Bob Cratchett’s in the Christmas Carol. Other dishes included meat balls, a corn cassserole, macaroni, a vegetarian soup, a bean dish, and salad. Desserts had their own table with a variety of pies and cakes.

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