New Year’s Dec. 31, 2015

Title:New Year’s Dec. 31, 2015

  New Year’s Gala, Dec. 31, 2015  (full size gallery)

This event originated around 2003 when there was no priest after Karen Woodruff left. It was a way for keeping the congregation together and for enjoying each other’s company in fellowship. It’s a full dinner which doesn’t get in the way of later activities in the evening

This year there were 28 as opposed to 35 last year. In 2014, Ken brought his family from California and some parishioners had other obligations this year which accounts for some of the differences in numbers. 

The people and food change from year to year but the glad tidings and celebration are a constant. A great way to end 2015 and look forward to 2016

Most noticeable this year was Andrea’s New Year’s costume with hat and stole. Also, after dinner, Ken Pogue kept a number of people in stitches with stories of his college life and beyond.

There were some repeats in food – Johnny’s venison, Bill Wick’s deadly egg nogg and the many assorted desserts. This year they included an extremely large Whitman’s samplers box and a chocolate cake. Rounding off the meal were Barbara Wisdom’s hot wings, Cookie’s bread and assortment of vegetable casseroles.  Just before the meal there was a wonderful plate of salmon and cheese and crackers.

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