Moravian inspired coffee hour, Dec. 7, 2014

Title:Moravian inspired coffee hour, Dec. 7, 2014

 Sunday, December 7, 2014 – Moravian inspired coffee hour   (full size gallery)

This was a combined effort among Catherine, Cookie, Eunice, Betty and Toni. Toni is from Bethlehem, PA, central home of the Moravians and Catherine graduated from Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC, the largest southern settlement. Thus, it was a natural to bring some of Moravian traditions to Coffee hour. The Episcopalians and Moravians are now in full commuunion as well.

We have a connection to the Moravians in Staten Isle through a mission trip in 2012 and Roger and Eunice’s help with their clothing distribution in 2014. Catherine’s sister Lynette is also a Moravian minister there.

On about the first weekend of December, the Moravians celebrate Candle Tea. This is hosted tour into their culture with foods (cookies, sugar cake), crafts (candles) and Putz and music (hymns). Here is a link. This has turned into a money making effort for the Moravian churches.

People love to document this event. Here’s one from a mom in 2011 and one from a year earlier

Here is our summary of Moravian Christmas traditions.

Highlights of today’s effort would include Cookie’s Moravian chicken pie, Eunice’s meat balls and assorted spreads, Betty’s cake and Catherine’s sugar cake plus Toni’s contributions of book and funds.

We will have another chance to enjoy Moravian culture on Christmas Eve with our Love feast.

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