Lyra Concert

We were pleased to welcome Lyra, our second annual concert on Sept 16, 2014, a beautiful late summer evening in Port Royal.

Lyra is a collective of over 20 musicians in St. Peterburg Russia established in 1994. Smaller groups tour the US and other countries giving concerts.  Our group was 4. They congregate around their common experience as conservatory graduates and most are now involved in opera. Concert fees support both their travel and to strengthen the group. Sergey, the unofficial leader, said their current tour is 49 concerts over 45 days. St. Peter’s was at the beginning of the tour, only arriving in the US the previous Thursday for Tuesdays concert.

As the concert program explained "LYRA’s main goal is exploring and popularizing Russian choral music from the ancient songs of the Orthodox Church to works of little-known, but remarkable composers of the 18th–20th centuries." Catherine linked this part of heaven, the ethereal side of the group. The second half she said was earth providing the Russian folk song tradition. "Folk songs of lyric, dancing and ritual nature are performed not only in the composer’s original arrangements, but those of LYRA’s as well. Secular songs of Russian classical composers Taneev, Tchaikovsky, and Rakhmaninov represent yet another side of LYRA’s creative activity."

We had between 80-100 people enjoying the concert and we are hoping we can continue the series in the future. We thank the Heimbachs and Davis for housing the group and particularly the Davis for the wine/cheese reception. This has become a hallmark of our concerts and we thank them for their contribution to this effort. We would also like to thank Historic Port Royal, Bill Carter and Shirley Collup for being sponsors of this program.

We consider these free concerts as part of our outreach to the community around Port Royal. They nourish our souls  while our food and other ministries support basic human needs. Both contribute to the human spirit.

You can still contribute to our concerts – St. Peter’s Episcopal, P. O. Box 399 Port Royal, Virginia 22535 with concert in the memo line or online. Thanks to for all of your support.


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