Living the Good News – Christian Ed Curriculum Returns

Title:Living the Good News – Christian Ed Curriculum Returns

In 2011-2012 we emphasized the lectionary for both Adult Ed and Children using “Living the Good News”. We are returning to it in the fall of 2018 for children of all ages. It has a supporting introduction on Youtube.

From their website  Living the Good News is:

  1. Lectionary-Based
    With Living the Good News, your church’s education program focuses on the same cycle of weekly readings used in your worship services; it also provides an opportunity for everyone in your education program, from Nursery to Adult, to center on the same theme, providing a "whole community" approach.

    At the youngest levels, the curriculum almost always (but not exclusively) focuses on the gospel reading. The Adult level always includes ALL the readings. As you go down in age level, fewer of the readings are included, until, at Primary and below, it is almost always the gospel. 

  2. Multi-Generational
    Living the Good Newshas eight age levels from Nursery through Adult — there is even a Multi-Age level for churches that have a combination of children, youth, and adults in the same classroom. 

  3. Complete
    For teachers, students and families, Living the Good Newsprovides a complete Christian formation experience including: Leader’s/Catechist’s Guides, student papers, journals for High School and Adult group members, Singing the Good News and other music, visuals such as fine art reproductions, posters and games and At Home with the Good News which connects the Christian education program at church with faith formation in the home. Included in each Session Plan is additional support material, offering a selection of activities, handouts, and images for each Sunday. 

  4. Arts Enhanced
    Living the Good Newsuses a variety of learning media, including music, art, oral, visual and movement, which appeal to the learning styles of all ages and types of students. 

  5. Online
    Although it got its start as a print curriculum 30 years ago, Living the Good Newsis now fully online, taking advantages of the many benefits made possible by online delivery . One of the nice features of Living the Good News online is that you only print what you’ll need for the week ahead. The season’s content stays on the website until the next three-year cycle brings that season around again (when the material for that year/season will be update. 
  6. Up to 20 people may be given direct access to the account. Each will have access to everything you purchased and will be able to set up his or her own password. Each email address you add will receive a separate invitation to set up their own email. 

    You can also download samples