Doing the will of God

Title:Doing the will of God

  Lent 1 – March 9, 2014  (full size gallery)

A week ago there was a snow on the Monday after church. Today the snow is gone and temperatures are in the high 50’s.  We had 39 people.

The children after studying baptism in Godly came into the service which is always delightful. They were also in for Advent 1 in early December. Earlier in the day Johnny took Evan and Michael to see the gallery which probably was a fairly mysterious place until they got there. Both enjoyed ringing the bell

With the change to Lent, Catherine took time to explain the lectionary changes in Rite 1 particularly with language. Also she took time to mention the changes with the altar. Helmut’s "red" cross going back to medieval times was explained.

The sermon which could be entitled "power and pain" is here. Some of the key phrases are below

"When we let God help us use our own power as servants rather than as dictators, then God can use us to help transform the world into a place full of God’s grace and glory.

"Today’s gospel ends with this line. “Then the devil left him, and suddenly angels came and waited on him.” This is good news!

"God does not leave us comfortless in our sufferings. And—in addition to being with us, God also sends angels to us to wait on us when we are in those wilderness times in our lives. One example—when we’re sick and in need, doctors help us with our physical recovery, friends and family help us take care of our day to day needs. People wait on us and help us." 


We celebrated birthdays of Virginia and Phyllis Sue. Barbara Wisdom also left a photograph book of St. Peter’s memories for a special person.

We learned Christ Episcopal in Spotsylvania has invited St. Peter’s to share in their Shrine Mont Parish weekend in the first week in May.

This week is the beginning of our Lenten studies with "Frog and Toad."

Today’s readings remind us of the familiar cycle of temptation, fall, forgiveness and empowerment. Adam and Eve, who have been given all good things from God, crave more and give in to temptation. Paul announces that the gift of grace in Jesus Christ overcomes the condemnation of sin. Jesus sees through the tempter’s lures and resists, using the power of God’s word.

The Gospel story takes place at the beginning of his Ministry just after his baptism but after spending 40 days in the wilderness. So we are going back in time from our readings to date. 

There are three tempations dealing, all dealing with power:

1. Turning the stones to bread
2. Proving God’ existence and power
3. Devil’s bribe to give Jesus all the power and glory the earth could offer

Tempation does not involve coercion but trying to change someone’s will.

In each case, Jesus rejects the temptation and lodges his identity, future, and fortunes on God’s character and trustworthiness and quotes scripture. He can now expand his personal ministry after dealing with the devil. He has affirmed his call – doing the will of God.

We are continually being tested and tempted. We have our spells in the wilderness. What strength do we have inside ? 

But first we have to reclaim our relationship with Christ since sin separatees this.

As David Lose writes this week "Perhaps the goal of the life of faith isn’t to escape limitation but to discover God amid our needs and learn, with Paul, that God’s grace is sufficient for us."

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