Our Daily Bread, July 28, 2013

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Title:Our Daily Bread, July 28, 2013

   Sunday, July 28, 2013  (full size gallery)

This week St. Peter’s was well represented in the "the Day of the Young Child Celebration, Reading and Nutrition Days" held in Port Royal, Thurs, July 25. Sponsored in part by Caroline’s Promise, Nancy and Elizabeth read, the Duke family and Catherine attended. Looks like the kids had a great time judging by the pictures!  There were games, snacks/refreshments, and prizes/giveaways. St. Peter’s was also represented at the Ruritan picnic on July 27.

We also thank Rob Dobson whose project to renovate the Parish bathroom is now complete. Way to go!

Today’s scripture is on the Lord’s prayer. The sermon only deals with the section "Give us Our Daily Bread."  The readings are here.   The choir only had 5 but did a marvelous job on "Sweet Hour of Prayer." 

We had 9 people at 9 and 24 at 11am on this last Sunday in July.  The weather grew increasingly humid with heavy clouds appearing on the river. We celebrated Howard and Millie’s anniversary at 9am which will be next week and also the birthday of Jan Saylor, a friend of Catherine visiting with her husband Larry.  Barbara Wisdom announced the 8th Community dinner which will be on August 16.

Catherine showed a color version of the 9am bulletin and 11am  "Enriched Bread" lettering by Corita Kent.  The small lettering not visible on the graphic was "There are so many hungry people that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread." 

There is a historical basis to the need for bread. "Give us each day our daily bread" may be a reference to the manna, the bread from heaven, that was provided enough for each day during the 40 years in the wilderness between the time of fleeing slavery in Egypt and entering the promised land. ( Exodus 16.). The Israelites came to know their total dependence on God because of gathering and eating this manna in the wilderness day by day.   It keeps us alive! And it is what is needed for service. "

And it may be a reference to the feast yet to come in the future life to come. But it most certainly addresses the very real and present concern of Jesus’ followers – to have enough to eat that day."

Fundamentally it is nourishment today ."Nourishment that sustains us just for this day – not yesterday, which is past, nor tomorrow, which is yet to come, but right now. When we pray for sustenance today, we remain grounded in the present moment, the moment in which we can encounter God moving in our lives. Nourishment today helps us hope for tomorrow, and sustains us to continue walking the path with Christ." 

"On one level, this story is about the generosity of God"   

Generosity toward others is includes when the scripture closes with the "Parable of the Friend At Midnight "

Summary -A friend comes calling for bread at midnight when you are asleep with your family. The sleeper at first declines but due to the persistence of the friend he gets up and provides.

As the sermon emphasizes "Notice that this man does not go seeking bread in the middle of the night for himself, but for a friend in need who has come to him as a guest and when he gets what he needs, he uses the bread to feed his friend. "

The sermon mentions the story of  Corita Kent who made the Enriched Bread silkscreen above. One of the statements on the art is "“There are so many hungry people that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” 

"When we throw open our doors to these middle of the night guests, we’re throwing open the door to our guests that God throws open to us when we ask, seek and knock. When we give our bread that God has given to us with abandon—maybe even giving away all we have for that particular day—we are giving away God’s bread, and we give it away trusting that indeed, God will replenish our daily bread."

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