“Let us go over to the other side” – June 24, 2012

Title:“Let us go over to the other side” – June 24, 2012

We had 9 at 9am (Eucharist) and 32 at 11am (Morning Prayer) on a sunny day with the temperatures beginning to rise. 

This Sunday marked the conclusion of Christian Education for the 2011-2012 season. For the Adults it meant planning next year.  The following were recongized as teachers- Becky Fisher, Terri Harrison, Cookie Davis Marian Mahoney, Marilyn Newman, Sandra Smith and Ben Hicks.

Anniversaries and birthdays were abundant – Bill and Nancy Wick (36 years), Roger and Eunice Key (35 years), Bill and Phyllis Sue Carpeter. Birthdays included Marcia Allwin and Ben Hicks.  

Tucker Fisher - cross

Helmut presented St Peter’s crosses to the Ken and Andrea Pogue and Tucker Fisher after the bishop’s visit last weekend.

The Gospel appropriately was also one of transition of Jesus crossing the Galilee to take his teachings to the Gentiles with a storm rising. It is a story of 4 questions, the first and last from the disciples. The disciples are focused on the externals –  the storm and his actions to calm the storm but not the source of  Jesus’ calm. Their last question "Who is this man" is leading in the direction of focusing not on his power but who he actually was. Jesus is crafting the story to help them increase their faith which he accuses them of having none.

The sermon took several historical events – Roosevel’s sudden death, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy’s assasination to emphasize that God is ultimately in control even when we think humans are. "This story, stretching across time, reminds us who we are—mere mortals—and whose we are—we belong to a good and merciful God who is with us in our flimsy little boats, God who is with us as we crouch under our desks, scared to death, God who is with us even in death…"Faith in God’s goodness gives us the gift of peace and sometimes, even joy in the worst storms of our lives."  Jesus is in the boat with us as it is tossed and turned through this life.

Fallout sign

The sermon used the fallout symbol as the metaphor for fear, with symbols that have been identified with radiation. "But now look at this grim sign with the eyes of faith, knowing who we are and whose we are. Three triangles in a circle, —when we see this sign through the eyes of faith, we see God, an everlasting and encircling love, made up of three parts, our Trinity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, in mystic sweet communion.  Seen through the eyes of faith, this sign is no longer a sign of fear, but a reminder that our human lives depends on God, God who cares for us and travels with us through the worst times in our lives—to bring us at last safely to harbor

The readings are here and the bulletin.

God is Always with Me - Nancy Long

Nancy Long sang a very moving "God is Always With Me" which fit the lectionary readings and which she received an applause. Nancy also was recognized for her work with the children’s choir on Wednesday, a new ministry this year.

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