God invites us into the Trinity, June 2, 2012

Title:God invites us into the Trinity, June 2, 2012

We had a good crowd today – 43 for Trinity Sunday and coffee hour. The day was sunny, with low humidity and a gentle breeze blowing. The day lilies were out this week   Bulletin is here and the readings.

Day Lilies

Day Lilies

Trinity Sunday is both a celebration and conclusion.  It is a conclusion to the half of the year encompassing Advent, God’s coming in Jesus, the death and resurrection at Easter and just last Sunday the coming of the Holy Spirit.  We celebrate that unity today -the fullness of God’s being and presence. Each part with its own role and purpose, distinct but united in will and essence. We next move to Ordinary Time the manifestation of  Jesus’ teachings, manifestation in the world which includes the other two.

The wonder of it all as the sermon says –  "A God in control of creation—a God of vast power and might.    And yet this God, so mighty and powerful, chose to come to us, as  the Word made flesh,  this God pitched his tent  and lived in our midst as Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior."  

It is all about relationship – John’s key word in understanding the Kingdom, not so much a proclamation as was the case in the Gospel of Mark but an alternative way of living. The idea of born again is born from above – placing ourselves in God’s service.

As the sermon said "this Sunday is about us—about delving into our own relationships with God in light of our Trinitarian faith in God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit." In New Testament terms, it putting us under a new family which comes to us through our baptism to be played out in the world. Paul calls this "our sonship" – we have received the first fruits, living through the spirit as part of our adoption. The spirit frees us as part of our new identity and dwells in us. As the sermon stated our sendoff: "  To let God carry us into the very heart of the Trinity, to drink in God’s love there, and to carry that love out into the world as we go to or stay wherever God wants us to be. " 

Catherine welcomed three friends from St. George’s on Trinity Sunday. 

Marion Rambo

Marion Rambo  served on her Discernment Committee for the priesthood before she went to seminary 

Wendy Allen Gayle

Wendy Gayle also served on her Discernment Committee for the priesthood. Wendy’s husband Allen served on the Committee on Priests which later examined her for the priesthood. 

Coffee hour was prepared by Terri and Phyllis Sue and consisted of ham sandwiches, beans, carrots, cheese, cakes and watermellon

Coffee Hour 1 - 2012-06-03

Coffee Hour 2 - 2012-06-03

Coffee Hour 3 - 2012-06-03

The Bulletin is here and the readings.

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