The Holy Spirit, April 15

Title:The Holy Spirit, April 15

Dedication of Door Cross 04-15-12

Today was "Dedication Sunday" for two recent gifts for the Church.  We dedicated the door cross that Helmut made and a repair to the stained glass window panels at the back on both sides of the church made by an anonymous donor.   This is at least the third cross that Helmut has made (two for Lent and Easter) and is the one to remain in place all of the time. He made it from the original timbers of the roof. 

Graveyard Stained Glass dedication 04-15-12Riverside Stained Glass dedication 04-15-12









The stained glass panels at the back had one missing and the other fragmented. We have no date when they were added to the church. The primary period of stained glass windows in America was from the 1880’s to 1920’s. (Note the cross from one of the graves appearing through the stained glass on the left). Stained Glass by Shenandoah did the work.

The focus on today’s sermon was the Holy Spirit an outgrowth of the Resurrection from Easter Sunday last week.  The choir helped simulate the holy spirit coming down. (Those who cleaned up the streamers received candy at the end of the service.)

Holy Spirit 04-15-12

"In his gospel, John tells us that at this moment of his death, Jesus bows his head and hands over his spirit. As Jesus breathes out his last breath, God hands over and pours out on those who love him the Spirit that will fill them all with new life."  

For us it is " to grow into God’s love—a lifelong process—so that we can do what God has asked us to do—and what Jesus asked the disciples to do—to be sent out to do God’s work in the world, as witnesses to God’s love.  When we breathe in Jesus, and the breath of God, we find ourselves filled with strength and the courage to go out into the world bound together with one another in witness to God’s love."  The readings are here and the bulletin.  

We welcomed Andrea Pogue’s family who were here for the funeral of  Myrtle’s husband Lester "Bai" Samuels yesterday. 

Andrea Pogue family 04-15-12

Also, we celebrated Brad V’s birthday (here getting a hug from Marilyn after the service:

Brad's birthday 04-15-12

We had 39 people attend on "Low Sunday" with warming temperatures and a mixture of clouds and sunshine.  We also had 8 in Adult Ed for the beginning of the Islam series. 

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