Time and the Greatest Commandment, Oct 23, 2011

Title:Time and the Greatest Commandment, Oct 23, 2011

Fisher Family Oct 23, 2011

This was the second stewardship Sunday and featured Time. Becky Fisher and her children providing an example of their use of time. (Last week Brad talked about the gift of talent).

The family is deeply involved in outreach.  Kim Fisher’s sewing group make kimonos and corn pillows as a fund raiser for Japan after their Tsunami and raised over $1,000. People joined the group to sew just so they could make a donation. Tucker had a fund raiser for Vacation Bible School to help glean non-marketable produce from the fields to provide food to food banks and other food organizations. Becky stressed the wise use of time, a gift from God, since her children are home schooled in balancing the demands.

Today’s lectionary featured the "Greatest Commandment" Matthew 22:38 "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind" and "loving your neighbor as yourself."

The sermon emphasized the relationship of time and the greatest commandment. "How we spend our time directly relates to how we carry out the two great commandments by loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves.. "In our journeys through this life, true stewardship of time begins with stopping and being intentional about looking for God around us, seeking God’s guidance and strength."…"When we set time aside for prayer, we find that God really does take up residence in our hearts "And when God dwells in our hearts, we are most truly able to love our neighbors as ourselves, serving them, and enjoying their company.

Catherine handed out a bookmark to each parishioner of morning and evening prayer from The Introduction to the Devout Life, by St Francis de Sales as suggestions for bringing prayer into daily life.

The sermon is here, the readings here and the bulletin.  

We also welcomed home Alex Long V safely back after 9 months in Afghanistan with a special litany as a celebration. We also were thankful for the birth of Hamilton Duke.

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