A Tree Dedication, Oct. 9, 2011

Title:A Tree Dedication, Oct. 9, 2011

Tree dedication

Tree dedication Continuing from yesterday – another wonderful fall day. We took advantage of it by dedicating the Heimbach’s gift of a dogwood tree with 39 in the regular service. It was complemented by fall fare – ginger snips, Constant Comment tea, and chocolates. Some members were recovering from taking the Youth to King’s Dominion yesterday. The dedication bulletin is here.  It was clearly a remembrance of creation. " For all of Your creation and your watchfulness over it, for your love for all that You have made, and for Your love and care for us." The inclusion of Eucharistic Prayer C about creation fit in with this dedication. 

Three of the four lectionary readings were about God’s kingdom feast and our relationship to God. The sermon considered Jesus role as a prophet. "Jesus, in each of his roles—as our great high priest, as the greatest of prophets, as our servant king,calls us, as the church, to humbly listen to Jesus, and to follow his example and to interpret God’s divine message to the world through our words and our actions. … The ones who are blessed by God are the ones who have fed the hungry,given the thirsty something to drink, who have welcomed strangers, clothed the naked, cared for the sick, and visited those in prisons."  Back to today’s difficult Gospel reason the Parable of the Wedding Feast – "The story of the man in the wedding garment who got thrown out of the wedding feast reminds us that God has expectations of what we are to do as a result of coming to this table Sunday after Sunday."

The sermon is here and the bulletin is published. The Sunday lectionary is here.

We were especially pleased to welcome visitors – Mary Ellsworth and Eve Blackwell, friends of Catherine at St. George’s as well as Bill Jones. We remembered birthdays coming up this week Dutchy and Woody Everett:

Dutchy 10-09-2011

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