Ladies Night Out, May 12, 2012 – a retrospective

Title:Ladies Night Out, May 12, 2012 – a retrospective

Ladies Night Out 2012

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Ladies Night Out 2012

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Ladies Night Out #10 was celebrated in style just the way Tom Mahoney envisioned it. We had about 30 people to eat and then witness another year of the "Newly wed" game. (Not really newly weds!).   Although it was a fund raiser for the church, everything was in fun last night.  Highlights of the food certainly included David’s shrimp, Laura’s pound cake and Dave’s catfish.  Plus everyone brought wine. Here is a photo gallery that gives a representative sample of the evening. 

The last Ladies Night Out was in February, 2011. With the beautiful weather in the May spring time setting, people enjoyed congregating outside the Parish House before the event. The place was then filled with people eating.  

Barbara and Cindy organized the newly wed game afterwards. 5 couples participated – Jim and Liz, Joe and Mary Ann, Mike and Marily, Ken and Andrea and Jim and Bj. The Betchy’s piled up an early lead that was maintained, and they won the prize. Thanks to everyone who participated and the men who organized it,  Bill Wick and Clarence Pannell.

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