Holy Week, Tuesday, 2018

Title:Holy Week, Tuesday, 2018

Walk with Jesus in his suffering and share in his resurrection during Holy Week. 

The Biblical verses below will lead you along Jesus’ path of Tuesday of Holy Week.  

We have a number of commentaries below to supplement the scripture- some more like a  summary (What Happened on Tuesday, Holy Week Timeline), others visual (Visual Timeline),  one that explores the traps laid for Jesus on Tuesday (Four Traps) There is a link from "Progression of Faith" that includes a summary based on The Last Week (Borg/Crossan).  

Tuesday, March 27, 2018- The End Times

Titus Destroying Jerusalem (Wilhelm von Kaulbach)

Jesus’ disciples see the withered fig tree on their return to Jerusalem from Bethany. As they passed by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered away to its roots.  

Fig Tree part 2 –
Mark 11:20-25

Matthew 21:20-22 

Jesus engages in conflict with the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem

There are 4 confrontations :

1. Jesus Authority challenged (Matthew 21:23
2. Parable of the troublesome tenant (Matthew 21:33)
3  Paying taxes to Caesar (Matthew 22:15)
4. The Greatest commandment (Matthew 22:23

Matthew 21:23-23:39
Luke 20:1—21:4 
Mark 12:1-44

The Disciples marvel at the Temple; Jesus delivers the Olivet Discourse on their return to Bethany from Jerusalem about the Temple and end times.

Prophecy about the Temple – Mark 13:1-2
Prophecy about the Future –
Mark 13:3-37
Mathew 24:3-25:46
Matthew 26:1-2
Matthew 24:1-25:46 
Luke 21:5-36
John 12:20–38 

Today, Judas was working on the details of the betrayal of Christ and was paid 30 pieces of silver.
Matthew 26:14-16


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