Holy Week Sunday, 2018

Title:Holy Week Sunday, 2018

Walk with Jesus in his suffering and share in his resurrection during Holy Week. 

The Biblical verses below will lead you along Jesus’ path of Sunday of Holy Week.

We have a number of commentaries below to supplement the scripture- some more like a  summary (What Happened on y, Holy Week Timeline), others descriptive (Have you found what you are looking for?). There is a link from "Progression of Faith" that includes a summary based on The Last Week (Borg/Crossan).   There is a video introduction

Sunday, April 1, 2018 – The Resurrection

Easter Sunday

Sunrise Service, 7:00am – Long residence, Water and Frederick Streets

Easter Sunday, 11am (10:45am Lighting of the Paschal flame)

Some women arrive at Jesus’ tomb near dawn, probably with Mary Magdalene arriving first.

Matthew 28:1,  
Luke 24:1
John 20:1

Mary and the other women, instead of finding Jesus’ body, are met by two young men who are angels; one of them announces Jesus’ resurrection.

Matthew 28:2-7
Mark 16:4-7

Luke 24:2-7

The women, fearful and joyful, leave the garden—at first unwilling to say anything to anyone about this but then changing their mind and going to tell the Eleven.

Mark 16:1-8
Matthew 28:8

Mary Magdalene likely rushes ahead and tells Peter and John before the other women arrive.

John 20:2

Mary Magdalene has an encounter with Jesus in the garden.

John 20:11-18

The other women, still en route to tell the disciples, are met by Jesus, who confirms their decision to tell the Eleven and promises to meet them in Galilee.

Matthew 28:9-10

The women arrive and tell the disciples that Jesus is risen.  Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion

Luke 24:8-11

Peter and John rush to the tomb (based on Mary Magdalene’s report) and discover it empty.

John 20:3-10
Luke 24:12

That afternoon Jesus appears to Cleopas and a friend on the road to Emmaus; later Jesus appears to Peter

Luke 24:13-35

That evening Jesus appears to the Ten (minus Thomas) in a house (with locked doors) in Jerusalem. The Upper Room.

Luke 24:36-43,
John 20:19-23


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Easter, 7:00am Sunrise Service, 11am Service St. Peter’s (10:45 lighting of the Paschal Candle)

The service will begin with the lighting the paschal flame. We will carry the light of our Risen Lord and Savior into the church. We will light the paschal candle with the light from the paschal flame. And during this service, we will celebrate the new life available to all of us through the resurrection of Jesus. 

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