Guatemala Pilgrimage – Powerpoint and Video

Title:Guatemala Pilgrimage – Powerpoint and Video

This is the 4th in a series of Christian Education adventures during the Season of Creation. In our newsletter “We’re going to take some trips around the world, specifically to the Holy Land, to Ireland, to Guatemala, and then on the last Sunday of this Season, Hawaii Your tour guide will be Catherine. We are going to enjoy traveling together and searching for God along the way”

We have her Powerpoint and video selections from the session, Sept. 22, 2019 on Guatemala as well as her 2018 trip slides.

This is the link to her trip slides.

Today’s Powerpoint on pilgrimage:

The videos follow.

1. Family Vacation- Guatemala, Part 1

2. Family Vacation- Guatemala, Part 2

3.Family Vacation- Guatemala, Part 3

4. Family Vacation- Guatemala, Part 4

5. Family Vacation- Guatemala, Part 5