Catherine in Guatemala, Aug 15, 2018

Title:Catherine in Guatemala, Aug 15, 2018

"In a few minutes I’ll be walking down a beautiful cobblestone road lined on one side with flowers and coffee plants interspersed with orange trees on a cool clear morning.   The the road curves left, and the street becomes lined with huge trees on one side, and coffee growing under shade trees on the other.   

"Vivero y Cafe La Escalonia is past the trees and on the left.  When I step inside the gates, I have a perfect view of two volcanoes.  To the right is the cafe, with its tables nestled within a lush garden.  The nursery stretches out behind the cafe, full of lush plants and also clever plantings in recycled containers.   

"And another delight, in which I plan to indulge this morning, Guatemalan hot chocolate!  The Cafe La Escalonia has a dark sweet brew that makes me want to sing.   

"Here, Marleny, my teacher, and I will spend time working on verbs.  I hope all the verbs didn’t spill out of my head as I walked here!  We usually study in my house, with another beautiful garden surrounding us.   

"I’m blessed.  I wish all of you could be here to enjoy Antigua with me."