The Graveyard shift, June 26, 2012

Title:The Graveyard shift, June 26, 2012

From Cookie Davis:

"It has been a busy week in the graveyard! As your Junior Warden I have worked with volunteers who have washed and cleaned tombstones, weeded and watered the gardens and cut & removed tree limbs. It has been a joy to find beautiful white (really snow white!) marble under the dirty gray moss on the oldest stones.  

Graveyard shift

"Bill Henderson (a member of town council & Historic Port Royal) volunteered to work on Rev. Friend’s grave site. His is he oldest in the cemetery. Vestry approved fencing and mulching with English Ivy for that special site. It looks great. We began our work on Sunday and completed most of it on Tuesday.   

"Bill jokingly says, "We have been working the graveyard shift!" We surely have, and it looks great. More raking and mulching will continue as time permits. 

"Special thanks go to TerrI Harrison who worked with me in the Memorial Garden and brought Pizza for our lunch break. Thanks to Johnny Davis and Tommy Hicks who brought trucks, saws and other equipment and worked from 4 to 8pm after putting in a full day moving grain from the grain bin & hauling it. Johnny cleaned the granite stones while Tommy cut limbs. Bill and I worked on the Marble stones and watered plants in between. I weeded, mulched and cleaned out the storage area in the bell tower where we keep rakes, shovels, etc. Bill had the vision and somehow we all found the energy. Thanks be to God. 

"Hope you enjoy the new clean look! We are proud of our church and want it to shine for all at the July 4th activities.  "

We have complete coverage of the historic graveyard here with pictures of all of the graves.

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