Gospel on the River, 2015 – Sept 13, 2015

Title:Gospel on the River, 2015 – Sept 13, 2015

Pentecost 16, September 13, 2015  (full size gallery)

Gospel was moved to St. Peter’s in 2015 to provide a more ecumenical setting. The crowd was larger at 37, attracting some local Baptists. Helmut and Jim have led the music for the last few years but this year invited one of Helmut’s former violin students which added to the music. They also printed a new program with larger print. They added pieces ("Go Forward") that Jim remembered from his mother’s hymnbook. The pieces used at the event are old time Gospel hymns which are beloved but have been eliminated from some hymn books or not sung as much. (We did sing "Shall We Gather at the River" at church this morning).

There were some negatives of the new location. There was no enclosure to group the sound so the volume was lower. The musicians at one point had to move closer. Noise on the Rapphannock River bridge provided its own challenges. However, the spirit was there. At the end all gathered to hold hands for the final piece

Preceding the singing was an opening round of "Finger Food" which included various sandwiches, raw vegetables,fruits, cheeses and desserts (persimmon cake). There was plenty left over at the end.

Thanks for Johnny and Cookie Davis for the setup and much of the food and Jim Heimbach and Helmut for organizing the music

Gathering at the End.

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