Gospel on the Rivah, September 16, 2012

Title:Gospel on the Rivah, September 16, 2012

Gospel on the Rivah

We welcomed 35 people to  "Gospel on the Rivah"  on September 16 at the Reynolds Pavilion at Portobago Bay. The weather was generally good to improving for the event in contrast to 2010 when it rained and had to be moved to St. Peter’s and last year where it was cold.  We thank Tom Guthrie for playing this year’s service and Helmut for again organizing this year’s event. 

Food was plentiful and included ham sandwiches, hot dogs, crab meet, cakes, cookies, and fruit.

The list of hymns was revised this year to include fewer hymns but with the music and the emphasis on singing all verses. We also celebrated Catherine’s birthday next week.

Here are a couple of verses of  "Shall We Gather at the River":

A photo gallery of the event is here.

Gospel on the Rivah

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