August 21, 2015 – Fellowship dinner at the Segars

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Title:August 21, 2015 – Fellowship dinner at the Segars

Fellowship Dinner, Aug. 21, 2015  (full size gallery)

Small churches can have small group events!  

The “Fellowship Dinners”  are generally held during the first quarter of the year and then again in August and September. Eunice has organized them. Families are given the option to sign up and to specify if they will be dining at anothers home or if they will be the host for a dinner(s). Participants are assigned which dish to bring. The host family holds the option to invite additional guest especially in case there are newcomers in the church or community. More than one dinner can happen on one night – two occurred on Friday, Aug. 21.

On a beautiful Friday in August, Catherine, Ben, Helmut, Susan, Woody, Cherry ventured to Barbara and Tom Segar’s home "Captain Rock" along the Rapphannock River in King George. They have a wonderful deck overlooking the river and it was a totally uplifting experience. Watching the many types of birds and the occasional boat was just the thing after a week at work. The gentle breeze was refreshing. Also refreshing were "samplers" of cheese and a "family-heirloom" oerdeuvre.  Helmut shared the story of a recent fishing trip and Catherine and Helmut found that they would be vacationing near each other next week.  

Dinner was Catherine’s Russian chicken dish, a broccoli casserole from Susan and Cherry’s banana pudding. The sunset was magnificent. Barbara shared a picture by a family member taken two weeks ago of a sunset that is a guaranteed winner.  

Our Fellowhip Dinner was filling, the company charming and the sunset glorious!

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