Estudio Biblico begins

Title:Estudio Biblico begins

 Estudio Biblico, March 15, 2019 (full size gallery)

The experimental Spanish Bible study for Lent began March 15 from 6pm-8pm. We had 4 Spanish speakers (two from Mexico, two from Guatemala) and 6 English. Thanks to Cookie and Johnny, Elizabeth Heimbach and Morgan for their support. Elizabeth was the cook and Cookie brought Spanish materials from Luis in the Dominican Republic

After a dinner of two soups (chicken noodle vegetable,greens, humis and brownies) we adjourned to the library for class.

TryTank from Virginia Theological Seminary provided the study which concentrated on the lectionary for Sunday. The sermon on Luke 13:31-35 was online from the Rev. Nancy Frausto.

Claudia from Bowling Green is assisting Catherine in this course and led the service.

The Reverend Nancy Frausto provided the sermon online. She is the Associate Rector at Luke’s Episcopal in Long Beach, a founding member of the Diocese of Los Angeles Sanctuary Task Force and a Dreamer (DACA recipient). The sermon in Spanish is here and was in Spanish.

After the sermon there were several questions directed at both English and Spanish speakers, one being, “How we expressed the love of God this week?”

All agreed they would like to continue and attract others, both English and Spanish speakers.