ECM meets March 10, 2012

Title:ECM meets March 10, 2012

The ECM met on March 10th for breakfast and their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. There were nine members present.

Joe BetchyJoe Betchy gave the morning devotional which was based on the fourth Chapter of the Letter of Paul to the Ephesians. The main message was an appeal for the church to maintain a new unity and strive towards a complete maturity by rejecting former lifestyles and displaying Christian values of truth, love, forgiveness, and sexual purity. Additionally, work to develop a renewal of family relationships. Joe then lead a discussion of how these principles can be applied to our own families and relationships. Focus on speaking the truth and it’s ok to be angry but do not sin. Do not go to bed angry.

The group discussed the differences they were aware of with Christianity and Islam. In this discussion, Bill Smith introduced the possibility of a several week educational program examining the principles of several religions, but primarily contrasting Christianity and Islam. The group consensus was very favorable to this idea and most wanted to participate if it was scheduled at a time they could attend, maybe a weeknight.

The next ECM meeting will be Saturday morning April 14th. David Beck will lead the devotional. 

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