Nepal Up Close – David Caprara at St. Peter’s

Title:Nepal Up Close – David Caprara at St. Peter’s

Greetings from Nepal from David Caprara, Dec. 13, 2015

David Caprara spoke on behalf of Global Peace Foundation and more specifically about our Family/Family Nepal program. He was in Nepal both before and after the April, 2015 Earthquake. Last month he trekked into the Himalayas, north of Kathmandu, about a half an hour and met with our family, the Tamangs.  The Vestry allocated funds to provide housing for them.

The Tamangs didn’t understand why Caprara was there but the personal letter made all the difference in the world. "When I read them the letter from your church their faces lit up with joy and appreciatino. They were actually transformed by your sentiments and heart – spiritually as well as a physically with the home (the church provided)."  

They are part of 3 families on a mountainside where there is terrace farming including corn. They are part of a collective of neighbors who work together- the Newari culture is one of mutual help. Their dwelling were surrounded by animals that reminded him of a Christmas manger. The Tamangs are mother and father (disabled) and 4 children. The mother works by walking to a nearby hotel.

He suggested a future project which would cost about $200 to build a toilet.

David is beginning to spread the Family/Family conept throughout "the entire service movment there is different regions." He thanked us for sharing the miracle of Christmas and generosity with the families of Nepal. We hope to be able to develop this relationship next year.


Photo gallery from David’s pictures in meeting with two families, the housing we have supplied and other pictures of Nepal.

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