The Ascension, May 10, 2018

 Ascension, May 10, 2018 (full size gallery)


We don’t know what the weather was on the original Ascension but certainly the heavens may have responded with storms which were threatening our area on May 10. Fortunately, they held off.

We have a small but enthusiastic congregation of 9 but was very welcoming to Charles Joy our preacher, the rector of St. Asaph’s. The bulletin was here. His sermon related the Ascension to departures and promises. He spoke of departures remembering a departure of an Archbishop of Canterbury in the 1890’s from his home who never returned but then into his own family the promise of his ancestors from Scotland coming gradually into this country, one group earning the money to provide passage for the other. In his own family his relatives caring for him in the summer a relationship that lasted through his ordination when he was able to preside over their funeral.

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