Altarpiece update, July 21, 2016

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Title:Altarpiece update, July 21, 2016

Today the scaffolding was removed as the guilding was completed on the altarpiece. Still to come is the completion of the tablets renovation by Cleo Mullins and the angel corbels by Russell Bernabo.

From Russell Bernabo:

"Lorraine worked in the church Monday to fix the spots of in-painting that were damaged during my efforts. The following day I completed my work to the gold framing.

"As such, the scaffolding can come down any time. I intend to start work on the angel corbels next week, and will have adequate access to those components once the scaffolding is down.

"The gold framework now has a two-tone gold finish, per the original evidence, with the outermost framing being somewhat darker than the interior elements. As I mentioned last week, we had opportunity to incorporate a substantial quantity of genuine 22.5 karat gold, left over from another project, into the toned varnish. This additive lends some additional refractive quality and beauty to the finish we had planned.

Upon reduction of the previous surface it was revealed that the panels originally were delineated by dark blue striping, subsequently overpainted flat black. That blue striping has been recreated, per original.

"In summary, please accept this note as indication that the scaffolding can come down. "

And today it was…




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