Altarpiece update, July 3, 2016

Central portion and Pinnacle work by Cleo Mullins is done. The varnish was completed this week. Mylar now covers it. Rusty Bernabo comes to do the gilt on the framework and the Angel Corbels.

Cleo’s work is focusing now on the tablets.  

Cleo’s findings so far include:

"1. A crosslinked layer of damar-like varnish, probably with drying oil added. This layer has a very thin layer of airborne grime on it. "

"2. A substantial layer of black grime."

"3. A very tough oil varnish, which is somewhat cloudy and a light dirty tan in color."

 4. “A blackened crusty layer of sooty grime” which is very difficult to remove it evenly from the blue paint beneath it." This could be the residue of the 1868 fire. The results show ultramarine blue color as the background for the tablets.

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