Cooking and Cleanup at St. Peter’s, March 23, 2019

Title:Cooking and Cleanup at St. Peter’s, March 23, 2019

 Cooking with the Kids, March 23, 2019 (full size gallery)

Saturday, March 23 was a busy day around St Peter’s. Robert Bryan put together the new composter. Travis cut the grass. Eunice and Roger Key removed a truckload of plastic bags from the basement of the parish house to deliver to Trex for the bench that Trex will be making for us.

Elizabeth and Jim Heimbach and Catherine Hicks held a cooking class for a few children in the parish house kitchen. Anya, Amya, 8 year old twins, and their brother. Dae’Vionn, age 11, sliced vegetables and prepared a small salad with the help of Elizabeth.

Catherine helped the children make brownies and crescent rolls. Jim showed each child how to crack eggs open and helped each person prepare his or her own omelet. Raoul and Claudia Villa also joined in on the cooking adventure. After cooking all of the food, everyone ate. And then, we all cleaned up the dishes and the kitchen.